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Main Page Last Updated 12.05.2007: After a long downtime, I'm back on a new host with a new name and a slightly new look. Many old pages I used to have here have been scrapped, and some features I've had for a while but never linked to on the main page have finally been added. The Phoenix Files is gone, on account that all my rants are featured within my Livejournal, the wallpapers were scrapped because they suck and are too small, and a lot of the scrapped miscellaneous pages were older than dirt. But please be patient as I rebuild everything else once again.

While things may look and seem dead in some areas, merely checking my Livejournal from time to time will tell you that I am in fact alive.

The Gallery: My personal artwork, both original and fan-based, for a variety of subjects, as well as my small anime cel collection.

The Library: My own fanfics and poetry, plus a small selection of other people's works.

Frozen Memories: The very first shrine in existence (at least to my knowledge) dedicated to Gundam X's stoic and mysterious captain, Jamil Neate. Hasn't been updated in ages, but I'm not letting go of it either.

Vulture Studios: Home to my own anime and other music videos, including the semi-famous "Sentai no Tamashii" sentai video, and the award-winning "Day of Destiny" Power Rangers video.

Icon Hut: Home to my countless (and sometimes award-winning) 100x100-pixel graphical creations for use on Livejournal and other blogging services, as well as online forums.

I Can Has Megazord?: A Livejournal community dedicated entirely to Power Rangers, sentai, and tokusatsu macro and motivational poster humor. Requires an LJ account and membership to post.

Disclaimer: All copyrighted characters, series, and other entities depicted in the words and images throughout this site belong to their respective creators. No infringement intended, and no profit is being made off of anything here. Please don't sue me. I'm poor.

Copyright Notice: All original graphics, artwork, and writings belong to their respective authors and/or creators and may not be copied or used for other sites without their expressed permission. Many pictures used in the graphics on this site come from a plethora of sites, too many for me to mention, but most of them are listed where necessary, and the rest come from my own personal collection.