Captain's Quarters

". . . If I say it, I'm afraid I'll lose a precious memory. That's all I can say. Does this answer your question?" --From episode 19 (I Feel Like I'm Dreaming)



Jamil Neate

Age: 30 (15 during the 7th Space War)
Height: 180 cm (Approx. 5 ft. 11 in.)
Weight: 74 kg (Approx. 163 pounds)
Eye color: Brown (Unseen for most of the series, however)
Hair color: Blond (Only according to official info; it's actually a light-medium brown)
Affiliation/Rank: [7th Space War] Earth Federation/2nd Lieutenant (?); [AW 0015] Vultures/Captain of the landship Freeden

Early History: Very little is known about Jamil's past except for one event. During the 7th Space War, he was an ace pilot in the Earth Federation's mobile suit forces. However, what made Jamil different from most other Federation pilots was that he was a Newtype, a member of what many considered to be an advanced race of human beings with sharper intuitive--and one could even say supernatural or psychic--abilities that both the Federation and the opposing Space Revolutionary Army used and exploited as weapons of war.

In what was to be the final battle of the war, the Federation sent out the then-15-year-old Jamil in their latest prototype mobile suit, the GX-9900 Gundam X equipped with the deadly Satellite Cannon, which had the ability to destroy a colony with a single shot. But the blast originally intended to halt the SRA's colony drop was instead the blast that doomed the Earth and its inhabitants to near-total destruction. Deeply traumatized by these events, Jamil lost his Newtype abilities and developed cockpit-phobia--literally a fear of being inside a mobile suit cockpit. Despite these limitations, though, he continued to fight, but not for the Federation. Instead, Jamil began a new battle, a battle for those who had been and could eventually be exploited not unlike him . . .

Personality: When we first encounter Jamil, his cold, unforgiving demeanor in holding Tiffa Adill captive and his initially hostile treatment of lead character Garrod Ran would almost lead one to believe that he is the main antagonist of the story, along with the other Vultures. However, the revelation of his involvement in the war suddenly paints a completely different picture of the Freeden captain. This is a man who was scarred both physically and mentally by those events and is now on a personal mission to seek out any remaining Newtypes and protect them so that they do not befall the same fate that he did.

As one would expect from anyone who has faced a terrible trauma, Jamil is a very private and withdrawn person, seldom showing any emotion and seemingly interacting with the other characters only out of necessity. If only one word could be used to describe him, "stoic" would probably be the best description, as he rarely smiles (as the miko, I think it looks really nice when he does, heheh . . .) and is never seen laughing in the series. In even the most dire of situations, he is quite soft-spoken and levelheaded despite his deep, resonant voice, finding little need to raise it in anger towards anyone, but can still be the voice of authority when he has to, just as one would expect of a ship's captain.

Relationships: Because of his private nature, Jamil is not one to find much importance in personal relationships of any kind, making him rather oblivious to second-in-command Sala Tyrrell's obvious interest in him. However, it is very clear that he once harbored feelings for Lucille Lilliant, his instructor in the Newtype-controlled Flash System during his time in the Federation army and a very powerful Newtype herself. It's stated midway through the series when she (almost literally) resurfaces that they had been friends prior to the war, but to what extent remains unknown, as she was five years older than him at the time. Judging by how everything plays out in these episodes, I'm personally led to believe that while they may have been good friends, Jamil may have cared for her much more than that yet was never able to express those feelings before she disappeared during the war, and that loss had caused him a great deal of emotional pain. Perhaps it is even similar to the soulmate-like connection near the end of the original Mobile Suit Gundam between Amuro Ray (whom many in the Gundam fandom have compared Jamil to on varying levels) and the powerful yet ill-fated Newtype Lalah Sune. When Sala confronts him about his connection to Lucille, Jamil responds by saying that if he tells anyone about it, he fears he may "lose a precious memory," and thus shows just how highly he had regarded his one-time superior officer. With this in mind, perhaps he believes that if he ever becomes close to another person again, he may lose them as well, and thus chooses to remain introverted, shutting out anyone who may express an interest in him (like Sala).

Jamil's interaction with main hero Garrod could easily be seen as being like that of a mentor and student. Though difficult at first because of Garrod's free-spirited and occasionally rebellious nature, he sees the boy as being much like how he was at 15, as well as having the potential to become a skilled pilot, and thus does whatever he can to show him what being a Gundam pilot is really all about. Perhaps the most significant piece of advice he gives Garrod is "Just run without thinking," more or less meaning to act on what you believe is the right thing to do. Even in battle situations in the latter half of the series, Jamil allows Garrod to take a more offensive role against their opponents while he remains towards the back in a more defensive role, providing support rather than dictating what should be done, much like what a mentor would do for his student.

Appearance and Attire: Being the captain of the Freeden, Jamil would of course be considered a figure of authority, and it shows in his relatively clean-cut, no-frills appearance; the royal blue three-quarter-length coat neatly belted at the waist and trimmed in a blue-gray color, clean white gloves and pants, and tall black boots could perhaps be seen as a bit of a modernization of perhaps a colonial British naval captain's uniform. Just one look at him, and you would know that he's supposed to be the one in charge. To me, this bold yet simplistic style and color scheme--various shades of blue, white, and a little gold--also seems to reflect Jamil's noble cause of providing sanctuary to Newtypes. Nonetheless, the very concealing nature of his attire, from the gloves and light blue turtleneck to the trademark dark sunglasses, shows his own concealed and withdrawn persona, hiding his true self from the outside world. The sunglasses are quite symbolic in and of themselves as well; to me, the phrase "Eyes are the windows to the soul" often comes to mind with this. When they finally come off in the final episode, it suddenly seems as if we are looking at a completely different person that what we had already known. (And as the miko, might I add that I personally find Jamil's eyes to be the most attractive thing about him?) Also quite significant is the scar over his left eye, a permanent reminder of the tragedy of the 7th Space War that was obtained when what appeared to be a piece of shrapnel shattered the visor of his helmet during that final battle.

The Pilot: For much of the first half of the series, Jamil is rarely seen at the controls of a mobile suit, mostly because of his lingering cockpit-phobia. Following the upgrade of the Gundam X to the Gundam X Divider, however, he is able to overcome this fear, and we finally see just why he had been an ace pilot during the war. Although his Newtype abilities were gone and he hadn't piloted a mobile suit in an actual battle for 15 years, Jamil was easily able to hold his own against artificial Newtype Caris Nautilus' Bertigo mobile suit and its mind-controlled bits, defeating the younger pilot with his skill and experience alone. Yet it is not until after Garrod steals the Gundam Double X from the New Federation when we see Jamil involved in battles more regularly, using the GX Divider now modified to work without the removable control unit originally needed for it.

Unlike Garrod's often reckless, in-your-face fighting style that sometimes tends to get him in trouble, Jamil's style is fluid and methodical, never rushing headlong into a battle. Though skilled in both long-range and close combat situations, he prefers to play a more defensive role than offensive by using the GX Divider's battleship-grade beam machine gun for closer attacks and occasionally using the Divider shield's "Harmonica Cannon" for longer-range attacks. Though the Gundam is equipped with two beam swords for melee combat, they are rarely used. And while Freeden's other Gundam pilots of Garrod, Witz, and Roybea often attack to destroy or kill, Jamil primarily attacks only to disable, as he most likely believes that enough people have already died from his actions that no more should have to now.

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