Well, here's my collection of images featuring Jamil and the other Gundam X characters, which is probably one of the largest GX image galleries around right now. A small handful of the screen captures and some of the scans, which came primarily from the Gundam X Area, Best Anime, and the Mecha & Anime HQ, can be used in whatever way you wish, but anything marked with an asterisk (*) in the captions (which can be seen by holding your mouse over the image) or watermarked with my name or site address--including artwork, cel scans, book scans, and my screen captures--are not public domain. In other words, while you can print them out for your personal use, I WILL NOT let anyone use my scans or captures on any other sites or for any other uses without my permission and without giving me the appropriate credit. I'm very picky about this; take anything of mine without asking, especially my artwork, and I will hunt you down and harass you about it. The cels may NOT be used for anything other than personal viewing, no questions asked. They're one-of-a-kind works that I paid good money for and were actually used in the making of the anime, and I want to keep them one-of-a-kind.

However, if you'd like to use one of my artbook scans or screen captures to make into an avatar for a message board or something, that's perfectly acceptable, since they're not using the full pictures for anything. Just don't take my artwork or cel scans for those kinds of things without asking first. (For those who visit places like AnimeMech and have seen some avatars there that utilize a few of my cel scans, that's because I made and then submitted them myself.)

Also, because of the absurd number of screen captures I've added now, those have been split up by story arc instead of regular pages, so if you want to avoid any possible plot spoilers, just don't go into the sections for the episodes you haven't seen yet. (Jamil doesn't appear in episodes 15, 33, and 34, so those have been excluded here.)

Total image count: 383 (Yes, I'm very much aware of the fact that I'm insane . . .)
(Coming Soon . . . rare GX manga scans!)

Scans & Misc. Screen Captures (11 images)
Episodes 1-9: Introduction (59 images)
Episodes 10-14: Fort Severn (30 images)
Episodes 16-20: The Freeden at Sea (58 images)
Episodes 21-24: Introduction of the Double X (36 images)
Episodes 25-28: The Estardo Aid Effort (20 images)
Episodes 29-32: The Newtype Research Facility & Garrod Heads to Space (38 images)
Episodes 35-39: The Final Battles (75 images)
The Miko's GX Cel Collection (22 images)
• The Miko's GX Fan Art (34 images) Page 1 Page 2

Also, if there are any official scans or other pictures related to the site that you don't see here and would like to donate to the site, by all means, go ahead and send them my way. I'd greatly appreciate it, and I'd give you whatever credit you deserve for donating/scanning them. (Just don't be yanking stuff off of other people's sites and sending them to me without their knowledge!)