Hasshin! - Links

Interested in learning more about some of the other Gundam X characters or Gundam series? Here's a brief list of some of them, broken down by category. And if you're wondering where I got the name of this page from, hasshin (or 発進 to use the appropriate kanji) is the Japanese word for "Launch!", which you'll hear quite often in GX.

GX Character Shrines

Dreams: A Shrine to Garrod Ran: The second known English-language Garrod shrine created by Ran&Van_Fan, and with considerably more stuff there than what I have on mine. Too bad she hasn't been updating lately . . .

Frost 'n' Fire
Frost 'n' Fire: The first shrine to the very bishounen half of the main GX villains, Olba Frost, created by Zalimoon. But it's not just Olba-centered; there's plenty of information on brother Shagia too. Also home to the first Gundam X Webring!

Silent Voice
Silent Voice: A Mini-Shrine to Tiffa Adill: The first shrine for the lead female character of GX! It's still kinda small, but it's also the home of the Gundam X Character Selector, where you can find out for yourself just which GX character you're most like (and is it any surprise that yours truly ended up with Jamil as her #1 match? *whistles innocently*).

All-Around GX Sites

The Gundam X Area: One of the very first GX sites out there! Although most of the information is in Chinese, it's an excellent resource for screen captures, including a few that are on display here too.

Freedom Launch!: Still kinda small, but it's one of the only places where you can find scans from the GX manga adaptation, as well as various scans from Japanese magazines.

GXML (Gundam X Mailing List): Looking for other GX fans to chat with but don't know where to turn? There are plenty of us on the list!

La Grange Point 6: This is an up-and-coming site that focuses on both GX and Gundam Wing, but it's still worth taking a look at.

All-Around Gundam Sites, Other Gundam Series Sites, and Other Points of Interest

Gundamwatch: Although there isn't any GX content to speak of yet, at least drop on into the message board area, as I hang out there pretty often too.

AnimeMech: The all-around anime-related sister site to GWatch. Again, drop on over by the message boards, since I'm there pretty often too.

Omega-Psi: Another sister site to GWatch and AM, this one's for all-around sci-fi and fantasy stuff. The boards are a bit quiet, but I'm there too, mostly for the Power Rangers/sentai/tokusatsu sections though.

Newtype Asylum
Newtype Asylum: Plenty of model information and reviews, series and CD reviews, and more Gundam links than you can shake a beam sword at. And don't forget to check the Gundam News section for all the latest info on anything Gundam-related.

Mecha and Anime HQ: An all-around anime site, this features a large Gundam episode review section (including very favorable GX episode reviews), a huge Gundam image gallery (though GX pics are kinda lacking), and is also the new home of the expansive Mecha Domain site that encompasses not just Gundam, but other mecha anime series as well.

The Shuffle Alliance
The Shuffle Alliance Shrine to G Gundam: G Gundam has made a big splash Stateside (does this mean GX may not be too far behind? *hopeful*), so here's one of the top English-language sites currently out there for it, maintained by my friend and fellow artist and fangirl `Straya.

Got any related links you'd like me to add here? Just send them to the e-mail address below!