Welcome to the very first shrine in existence dedicated to my favorite character from Gundam X (and currently all of anime)--Jamil Neate, Freeden's stoic and mysterious captain. Information may still be somewhat scarce, but I'm still very proud of this shrine and hope to inform Gundam fans both new and old about this highly underappreciated yet intriguing character and the series he's from. Do note however that this site is filled with plot spoilers, so if you haven't seen the whole series yet and want to be surprised as to certain events, now may not be the best time to be looking around here. You won't find much in terms of "squealing fangirl" antics here (at least not yet . . .), but rather a collection of unique thoughts and perspectives from a fan who never expected to create this shrine in the first place.

Last Updated 12.29.2002: Bleh . . . yes, I know it's been 6 months. But the truth is that there really hasn't been much to add yet. I'd gotten a new scanner in August, but it's already dying, so those manga scans I'd promised will have to wait until I can get another new one. -_- As for what's new today . . . just one new cel that I've acquired, plus some tweaking and updating of a few minor things. That's about it.

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