Ship's Log: Updates and Whatnot

~ Site-y Stuff ~

Opening Day: March 12, 2001 (which was also the 2nd anniversary of the opening of my main site)

Originated From: The not-so-small character profile (which you can find right here) that I originally created for Gundam Boy!, my Garrod shrine

Where the Name Came From: Part of a translated line from the first GX opening theme, "Dreams" by ROmantic Mode

Created Under the Influence of: Loreena McKennitt, Sarah Brightman, Enigma, Enya, various Yoko Kanno scores, and, of course, the Gundam X soundtracks

Other Bits of Trivia: This is, of course, the first known shrine for Jamil, and I still don't know why I created it. However, all I can say is that I'm extremely proud of this site and how much I've been able to do with it despite this being for a relatively obscure and underappreciated character. It's also only the second Gundam X character shrine to be listed on the Anime Web Turnpike as of October 1, 2001. (The first was Frost 'n' Fire, Zalimoon's Olba Frost shrine.)

~ Previous Updates ~

6.30.2002: Not the biggest of updates (especially compared to the previous one), but I did add the cel scans I said I was going to add. I know I promised to have the manga scans up in this update, but I'm currently waiting to get myself a new scanner first before I do so. I assure you they should be posted by the end of July, mid-August at the latest.

5.27.2002: BIG update today, and it's pretty much all in the Fašades section. I redid all my screen captures, and also tripled the amount of them at the same time. Some of the old images that didn't belong to me were removed if I took my own capture of it, and I reorganized some stuff as well. There are also two new cel scans and one new fan art. Expect rare GX manga scans within the next month!

4.26.2002: To counter the fact that it's been well over a month since I last updated, here's a decent-sized update for you. There's several new drawings in Fašades (along with the fact that I reorganized the fan art section), a brand new Winamp skin in the Rec Room, and a new section, the Miko's Closet, where you get to find out a little bit more about yours truly.

3.12.2002: You'd think I'd have something big for the shrine's one-year anniversary today (I still can't believe I've been able to keep it going that long already . . .), but because I haven't been feeling my best lately, there's only a new cel and fan art piece for you to look at in Fašades right now.

2.14.2002: A small update today--just a new drawing of mine and a new fan art piece in the Rec Room. Also, all my music videos are available for download again.

1.22.2002: A fairly decent-sized update for once today . . . the first of 2002! One new scan, three new cels, the finished version of one of my older drawings, a slighly old fic-art piece, and a brand new fic-art piece are all up in Fašades, and I redid one of my music videos too. You can find out more on that in the Rec Room.

12.25.2001: Happy Holidays, everyone! There isn't much today, but do look for a new drawing and cel in Fašades, plus my newest music video and a brand new wallpaper (related to my new drawing) in the Rec Room. That's all for now, seeing as how the new drawing I added today has taken up much of my time since the last update.

12.08.2001: Well, as you can see, I've moved the site to my new domain, plus there's a few new additions today. The "Lost?" page I promised before is finally up to act as a site map for newcomers, and "Hasshin!" (Japanese for "Launch!") is the page with links to other GX pages and all-around Gundam sites as well. If you've clicked on them already, you might've noticed that the Docking Bay and Bridge have been labeled as "Under Construction". There's really no point in having the index pages there right now when there's nothing else to look at. That's about it. Hopefully now with the new domain this'll mean less downtime like I had with Crosswinds . . .

12.03.2001: This update was supposed take place yesterday, but Crosswinds was down (AGAIN 9_9;) and I had to wait until today to do it. But be prepared for what is quite possibly the biggest update this shrine has seen yet. With my finally getting hold of some image-capture software, well over 100 new screen captures have been added to Fašades, tripling it in size and making that section one of the largest online GX image galleries currently in existence. This will take a while to do because I'm temporarily without my cable connection, so bear with me. Oh yeah, and there's a new drawing up there too. Over in the Rec Room, I've added two new fanfics from others, and I've also added a little something I came up with recently in the humor/randomness section there. A new music video is coming soon, as I just finished it, but I don't have it available for download yet.

11.09.2001: Well, it certainly took long enough, but I finally have enough stuff to add today to call this a decent update. A new drawing and a wonderful new cel of mine were added to Fašades, I finally have a fan art piece to add to the fanworks section of the Rec Room (*hugs 'Straya for the pic*), the link to the rant I mentioned last time is finally posted there too, and in addition to my two new music videos, I redid part of the setup for that section too. I know I promised a "Lost?" page for this update, but I just haven't had the time to get it ready yet. Same goes for the profiles in the Docking Bay and Bridge sections, as I was so occupied with my video projects and other matters. I'm also working on two new drawings right now, so that's not helping either. But those profiles will be added eventually, even if it kills me . . . x_X

10.09.2001: There isn't much today, but there is a new cel and a new drawing in Fašades, and that's about it. Because of the number of new visitors I'm probably getting, I'm going to be adding a "Lost?" page to the main menu in the next update that will act as a directory to what's what in the shrine.

One other thing: Because I currently don't have any time to make a link to it in the Rec Room's section for rants, I ask that all of you please take a look at this rant (don't worry, it'll open into a new window) I just posted in another section of my main site. This covers a serious problem that's been cropping up in the GX fandom (small as it may still be) and that I have become a victim of.

10.01.2001: Seeing as how I was getting bored with the old layout and wasn't satisfied with my new graphics, I thought I'd learn a little bit about frames and try something completely new! Thanks to my good friend Zalimoon over at Frost 'n' Fire (with its own spiffy new look) for the inspiration. Anyway, as you can see, there are going to be some changes happening around here in terms of new features, since I eventually want this to be an all-around GX site in addition to being a character shrine. What was originally The Bridge is now the more appropriately-named Rec Room, the new Bridge will be for other GX character profiles, the Briefing Room is the new name for the Introduction, and the Docking Bay will be for GX mecha info. Everything else will still be the same, with the only changes to those being to fit the new layout. So just bear with me for now as I get everything changed over and the new sections opened, and hopefully you won't get bombarded with a barrage of pop-ups because of the frames. -_-;; As for other new stuff, I redid a little bit of the bio in Captain's Quarters and added some lineart images, split up the pages in Fašades even further (still waiting for that one cel of mine . . .), and fixed a bunch of HTML code on many of the pages to work with the frames.

Oh yes, and welcome to all the people now coming in from Anipike starting this week! If you came here expecting a Gundam Wing page, well, you won't find anything of the sort here, but please feel free to look around and expand your horizons!

9.24.2001: Oh yes, this is just what I needed when trying to get the shrine submitted to Anipike--Crosswinds loses my whole entire site--this shrine included--and now I have to re-upload everything that was here! (At least the music video page is safe on my Homestead account for the time being . . .) So in other words, aside from the new drawing I promised on the 15th, there isn't a whole lot of new stuff to see here right now. And if you didn't get a chance to see what was new on the 15th, that's what the Ship's Log is for. My new episode 31 cel still hasn't arrived yet, but now that the overseas shipping restrictions have finally been lifted, I should probably be getting it within the next week or two.

9.15.2001: I was originally going to do this update a few days ago, but because of what took place out on the East Coast on Tuesday, I felt it was best to hold off on my update for a little while. But whenever I update next, I'll be adding a new piece of GX fan art I just started that was partially inspired by this week's events and will also be dedicated to all the victims and survivors of the attacks, as well as all others who have been affected by them. I know it may seem strange to use something from an anime, but it's still a way of showing my support, right?

Anyway . . . now that the shrine has been in existence for just over six months, I think it's time to try a bit of a new look! I'm sure that you recognize the new main banner image as being one of my drawings, and the image map has been changed to include links to the Ship's Log and Guestbook (since no one else seems to be able to find it!). I still have yet to change the graphics around the rest of the site though; that will probably come with the next update. There are a couple new pictures added to Fašades, and I've decided to split that up into two different sections to cut down on the loading time of the thumbnails. No new artwork this time around (there will be next time as I already said), but I'm currently awaiting the arrival of a new cel from episode 31 (though I'm not sure when it will arrive because it's coming directly from Japan and all overseas air traffic into the US is still banned). The biggest additions this time around are to The Bridge: I finally have some fanfics up, plus the first GX Drinking Game, and . . . my own GX music video, which is all about Jamil, of course! And hopefully come the 17th, this will be the second GX character shrine to be listed in Anipike's Gundam section, as I recently submitted it to them. You know, I think this might just be the biggest update since I opened the shrine back in March . . .

8.12.2001: This update is relatively small (again), with some of the only changes being that I had to fix some more HTML code and a bad image link, but there are still two new drawings up in Fašades today, bringing the total image count in there up to 45. I'm especially proud of one of these new drawings, because it's probably the best one I've ever done and could possibly change the way people look at Jamil (and maybe even all of GX as a whole) in the future.

7.23.2001: At last, I've updated again! It's not much, but there are two new book scans, a new drawing, and two new cel scans in Fašades today. I also did a little tweaking here and there to fix some HTML codes and other minor things. That's about it. It's hard maintaining a shrine to an obscure character!

6.07.2001: Despite the fact that it's been a month since I updated, there really isn't a whole lot for me to add. However, I have added a new image (from the Gundam Character Encyclopedia) and a new drawing to Fašades, a new wallpaper to The Bridge, and that's about it right now. I may eventually add some individual doujinshi pictures to Fašades, but I haven't decided yet since there really aren't many that I have to begin with.

5.06.2001: Today's update is relatively small, with some minor tweaking here and there, a separate page for all my previous updates, a new drawing and its variations in Fašades, and a few additions to the Bridge, including a new wallpaper and a short GX poem of mine. There isn't a whole lot else I can do with all the sections open now, so after a few other projects, I'll probably be dedicating some of my time to my Garrod shrine instead.

4.20.2001: The Bridge is now open! There's not much to speak of yet, but I do have a few translated doujinshi stories available for your viewing pleasure, and that's also where I'll be keeping the guestbook for the site so the main page doesn't get too cluttered. I've also decided to add a hit counter if you haven't noticed it yet, since traffic to my main site has risen considerably in the last week or so (thus more people coming in here out of curiosity). Finally, in Façades, my new cel and the finished version of my most recent drawing are now up as well. Gosh, I feel so much better now that I have all sections of this site up and running . . .

4.07.2001: Well, for the shrine's first official update, I finally finished the Captain's Quarters page, and I added a few more pictures and fan art in Façades. Expect at least a few more pictures in the near future when I get my third cel and my two GX doujinshi anthologies. Oh yes, and I think you'll get a kick out of my new, more appropriate e-mail address . . .