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Please note that none of these cels are for sale or trade at this time, so don't even bother asking. And I also ask that these scans and screen captures do NOT leave this site for anything other than personal viewing. I posted my collection here for you to look at, not for you to steal.


Other Series


The first cel I ever bought!

Dianna Soriel posing as Kihel Heim

"Turn A" Gundam episode 29/trying to push open the door of the holding cell

Single-layer cel # A10


Gundam X - The Other Characters & the Mecha



Garrod Ran #1

Episode 7/Barroom scene [screen capture]

Single-layer cel # A20

Garrod's eyes are just too perfect in this cel!

Garrod Ran #2

Episode 35/Picking the lock on the door [screen capture]

Single-layer cel # A13 w/ background # C330


Garrod Ran #3

Episode 8/Attacking the street thug [screen capture]

Single-layer cel # A16

Got this one in a set with my Garrod cel above and one of my Jamil cels...

Roybea Loy

Episode 35/While piloting the Leopard Destroy [screen capture]

Two-layer cel # B4 END (Roybea), C3 END (mouth movement)

Tee-hee, this scene is so funny!

Witz Sou, Roybea Loy, and Garrod Ran

Episode 13/[Roybea to Garrod about Tiffa] "Hey, little lover boy!" [screen capture]

Four-layer cel # A18 END (Witz), B2 END (Garrod), D7 (Roybea's body), E3 END (Roybea's face)

This could be worth more than the $11 I paid for it!

Witz Sou in the Airmaster cockpit

Unknown episode/scene--possibly from a deleted scene?

Single-layer full-screen cel # A5

Yes, it's -supposed- to be upside-down like that...

Lucille Lilliant/L-System

Episode 18

Single-layer oversized pan cel #A1 END

My very first mecha cel!

GX-9900 Gundam X

Episode 9/Garrod vs. the enemy Vulture MS's [screen capture]

Single-layer cel #A1


Gundam X - Jamil
(I only set these apart from the rest of my GX cels because he's my favorite character and as such deserves more attention. ^_~)

*An interesting note about these cels--although the color of Jamil's coat appears to be a rich royal blue in all of my scans as well as in screen captures and virtually every official picture I've come across, it's actually painted a sort of turquoise color in all the cels. Perhaps this particular color of paint has a reaction to certain types of light that makes it look that way in pictures?


Except for the slight damage, this cel is sheer perfection...

Jamil #1

Episode 24/Just prior to Garrod stealing the Double X [screen capture]

Single-layer cel # A2, slight damage in some areas

*_* Heheh, no comment on this one...

Jamil #2

Episode 9/[On the bridge's viewscreen] "Even without [Tiffa's] advice, I would still do it." [screen capture]

Two-layer cel # A1 END (main image), B3 END (mouth movement)

Not one of my favorites, but it's not bad...

Jamil #3

Episode 4/After confronting Garrod outside the Freeden [screen capture]

Single-layer cel # A4

A rare shot of Jamil not in his typical ensemble!

Jamil #4

Episode 38/"You must be Lancelow Dowell." [screen capture]

Single-layer cel # A7

This is from one of my most favorite episodes!

Jamil #5

Episode 19/Piloting the GX Divider [screen capture]

Single-layer cel # B7, slight damage in some areas

The only cel of mine that gets seen in more than one episode -and- an episode preview!

Jamil #6

Episode 31 preview; episodes 31 & 32/"Fly, Garrod!" [screen capture]

Single-layer cel # B3

Right now, this is about as close as I can get to a dream cel!

Jamil #7 [View the original pencil sketch for this cel]

Episode 19/In the GX cockpit, about to destroy the G-Bits [screen capture]

Two-layer oversized vertical pan cel # A1 END (cockpit background), B1 (Jamil)

Not the most spectacular cel, but still a great scene!

Jamil #8

Episode 38/"Is this D.O.M.E.?" [screen capture]

Single-layer cel # B2

It took me forever to figure out which episode this is from...

Jamil #9

Episode 35/Just before the Gundams battle the New Federation [screen capture]

Single-layer cel # B4

Something I was able to check off my wishlist!

Jamil #10

Episode 11/Smiling! [screen capture]

Single-layer cel #A1

There's a pic in one of my GX books that's from the same exact sequence as this cel...

Jamil #11

Episode 5/Asking Garrod just what he's fighting for [screen capture]

Two-layer cel #A3 (main image), #B3 END (mouth movement)

Waaaah, I love this scene...it's so sad... ;_;

Jamil #12

Episode 19/(Tiffa possessed by Lucille) "I'm happy . . . because I was able to see you as an adult." [screen capture]

Single-layer cel #A8

Can't think of anything to say about this one...

Jamil #13

Episode 31/About to order the Freeden to charge [screen capture]

Single-layer cel #B3, tiny bits of paper stuck to some linework

Do you have any idea how long it took me to find a cel with a background?

Jamil #14

Episode 25/On the bridge of the Freeden

Two-layer cel #A1 END (captain's chair), #B1 (Jamil), plus matching background


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