g.a.l.l.e.r.y f.a.q

Just to keep things organized as well as answer some of the various questions I get--and sometimes don't get--about things in this section, I've decided to add this F.A.Q. page for the curious surfer.

Q: Why "Phoenixfyre Designs"?

A: For those of you who have never received an e-mail from me or don't hang out in the same groups I do, my full screen name is supposed to be Khandreia Phoenixfyre. The phoenix is, of course, my astral totem spirit, so that's why I made it a part of my name. The "designs" part might make one think I do a lot of graphic arts and/or web design (which I don't, by the way), but I thought it sounded cool. If I ever decide to start selling artwork, this is the name I'd give my little enterprise. As for my "logo" with the stylized phoenix, I designed that myself in early 2000 and then adopted it as my own personal emblem before also making it the Phoenixfyre Designs logo.

Q: Did you really do all of the artwork here?

A: Yes, outside of my Cel Collection, everything you see here is over six years' worth of my creative efforts in a variety of media, and I am very proud of that. So there.

Q: Why do you draw the things you draw?

A: Because I like them, duh! Seriously, I draw what I do because I want to show my own interpretation of a specific character or other subject matter, or because I want to show a misunderstood and/or underappreciated character in a way no one else has before. (This second reason is especially true now with all the different drawings I've done of Jamil lately. You should see the way some of my friends have been reacting to some of those even though most of them haven't seen Gundam X yet. It's kinda scary, really. o_O;;) Other times, I'll use the characters to show something I may be feeling at the time; this is especially the case with some of my artwork from 1999 and earlier. And finally, there are my illustrations for my fics and other things like that; I often find it easier to have a visual reference to work from when describing something in writing, and if one doesn't already exist, I have to create it myself. But above all, my artwork is for my own personal pleasure and to improve my creative skills.

Q: Which of your drawings is your personal favorite?

A: What? You want me to pick just one? Well, I can't, so I'll give you two instead. One of these would have to be my one portrait of Jamil called "Fašade II: Beyond the Invisible" that I did in the spring of 2001. It's a completely original picture, which I'm really proud of, and nearly everything about it is sheer perfection in terms of composition. Oh yeah, and it makes him look at least 10 times better than he does in the show too. *stupid grin* My other favorite is "Soul-Searching," which is also of Jamil but done as if he were a real person. (Heh, don't I wish he were real right now . . .) Everything about it is so perfect that this is easily the best picture I've done to date. Who wants to bet that when GX becomes more well-known, these will be the two drawings that make a name for myself? ^_~

Q: I really like your drawings of [insert subject matter here]. May I put them on my site?

A: Because my artwork is so popular, especially with Gundam fans, I get asked this question more than anything else about my entire site. But because of all the leeches, all the thieves, and so on, my answer for now is a big fat NO unless you're a good friend of mine . . . and those people know who they are, so don't even think of asking if I think of you that way or not. Trust me, I know my own friends.

Q: Will you draw me a picture of [insert character name here] or one of my fanfic characters?

A: This is something else I get asked quite a lot. I can't say this enough . . . I DO NOT DO REQUESTS! So stop asking! I don't care who you are, what you do, etc. . . . unless your idea just so happens to coincide with something I already want to do (and you'd have to be damned lucky if that happens), I'm not even going to draw you so much as a single line. Though like with the usage of my artwork, I'm more lenient only with my friends.

Q: Are any of your drawings for sale?

A: No, none of them are for sale, and I don't intend to sell my actual drawings anytime soon either. I often become so attached to my artwork that I just can't let them out of my possession, because it would be like giving up a little piece of myself. However, I am considering making prints of some of my best and most popular drawings and selling those for a small fee, but because of copyright issues regarding fan art, I'm very iffy about that. Only if there's an overwhelming demand for it will I actually go through with this.

Q: What about your cels? Are they for sale or trade?

A: Nope. My cels are some of my most prized possessions, and nothing short of a mass colony drop is going to make me part with them. And besides, I enjoy the fact that I have such a large collection of Gundam X cels specifically. So nyah. :P

Q: If this part of your site is supposed to be for your artwork, why do you have your cels here?

A: To be perfectly honest, I just didn't know where else to put them at the time. And even though I didn't personally create them, cels are a form of artwork, are they not? Some of them have even served as reference pictures for and inspired a few drawings here, so it's only appropriate.

Q: Where did you find your cels anyway? It's not like Gundam X is all that well known yet in the US.

A: *smirks and does a bad Xelloss impression because she hasn't seen Slayers yet* Sore wa himitsu desu. You'd really think I'd give away how I can get my hands on such wonderful GX cels and increase my competition? Yeah, right! Nobody gets in my way of a good GX cel (especially if that cel is a really nice one of Jamil . . . then, being the crazy miko that I am, I will practically pounce on it screaming MINE, MINE, MINE!! ^_~)!

Well, there you go. If there's anything else you want to know, just ask. La.

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