Next Generation

I first drew this a while before I finally got to see any of Zeta Gundam, but now that I've finally seen a small portion of the show, I think I have an even greater appreciation for it now. Anyway, this picture not only features the title Gundam from this most-loved of all the series by die-hard fans, but also the main character, Camille Vidan (a boy stuck with the misfortune of having a rather feminine name, in case you didn't know). The scan of the drawing doesn't do it any justice, however; I had to resize it twice (once before reassembling all four parts after scanning because of low disk space and again after finally piecing it all together to fit the screen better), which distorts much of the detail and technique that the original has. >_< You'd like it a lot more if you saw it in real life. As for the original drawing itself, I think it's one of my best to date, as I used a slightly different technique than what I'd used on previous pencil drawings of this size.

The reason for the title? Zeta Gundam was the 1985 sequel to the original 1979 series and took place 7 years after those events, along with including some characters from the original, so I think it's pretty obvious right there. And this is also one of my more popular pieces among Gundam fans simply because it's for a UC series and of its lead character and Gundam.