Gundam Phoenix (Original Version)

My first-ever venture into mecha design! Actually, this was supposed to be the Gundam my character would be using in "Do You Remember?" (before I dropped out of the project), so I wanted to make something that would be appropriate for her. My basic design inspirations came from Wing Zero, Altron, Epyon, a bit of Deathscythe Hell Custom, and a tiny bit of Sandrock Custom, but the color scheme (which features the colors most often associated with the phoenix) is all mine (there may be other Mobile Suits with purple on them, but how often do you see a purple-colored Gundam, hmm?). My favorite features of this are definitely the wings, which retract to look similar to Epyon's, and the "talons" mounted on each arm. And I also tried a different CG technique to give it a more 3-D appearance, but the background sucks. (I just couldn't find anything that would work.)

Of course, at the time I did this, I had no idea that a "Phoenix Gundam" existed for the G-Generation-F video game, but because my design looks nothing like that one and I have it as "Gundam Phoenix" instead, I decided I wouldn't change it. But of course, I don't particularly like this original version of my design anymore. It just looks too odd and back-heavy if you know what I mean.