Gundam Phoenix (Redesigned Mark-II)

As time went on and I'd seen more Gundam series and mecha designs, I'd become increasingly dissatisfied with my original version of the Phoenix, so I felt it was time to give it a facelift. And boy, did it ever get a facelift too! Gone are the skimpy arms and legs, the rather ugly Altron-meets-Wing-Zero upper body, and the big, bulky wings, and in its place is a meaner, beefed-up design much more characteristic of an alternate-universe-style Gundam. My inspirations now came from a little of Deathscythe, Epyon, and Wing Zero Custom from the Wing series, a little of the Titans' RX-178 Gundam Mark II (especially their dark color scheme) and the title suit from Zeta Gundam (the only UC influence here), and a lot of the GX-9900 and Virsago from the Gundam X series. The color scheme of purple, gold, dark red, and dark gray is pretty much the same as before however, along with the head design and its basic weaponry (i.e. the talons and an unseen beam lance), but with a few alterations here and there. I changed the wings from the bulky, retractable design I had come up with before and used Virsago's as the basis for this, with the longer back parts flipping out to look more like bird wings. I'm kinda displeased with how the CG version turned out though; the shading itself is good, but the lines look really jagged and crummy, the purple color looks really weird (especially when you print this out), and the lower right arm is a little too long, but I'm working on a hand-colored version that will fix some of these problems. But to be perfectly honest, which of these two versions would you be more afraid of encountering in a battle: the original or this newer version? If I ever get around to doing any new designs, I'm gonna try doing something that's a little more practical and well-rounded instead.