New Hope

I'd been in a bit of a slump for a few weeks prior to this, unable to come up with anything new, so this was sorta my "get myself back into the swing of things" piece. Anyway, this is basically a simple side profile portrait of F91's main character, Seabook Arno. I hadn't seen F91 yet when I first drew this (I have now, albeit in raw Japanese, and I thought it was pretty good despite what so many other people say about it), but once I first saw what Seabook looked like, I was like "Wow . . . he's actually kinda cute!" (And even now that I've finally seen him in action, I think so even more! ^_^) And then when I came across the picture I drew this from, which was in the regular anime style (it was more or less a picture of all the main UC Gundam characters up until F91), it looked so incredibly realistic that I had to draw it eventually. I chose to shade this in a realistic style, which, unlike my realistic Wing character concepts, didn't pose much of a challenge because of how the original picture was rendered. Overall, I like this for its simplicity and light shading, but for some reason, I just couldn't get the nose right; it's just . . . off. Blah. -_-; But still, it wasn't bad for my very first attempt at drawing a character from a Universal Century Gundam series rather than an Alternate-Universe series.