g.u.n.d.a.m w.i.n.g

"Quatre Raberba Winner: Portrait of an Innocent"
My very first Gundam Wing-related drawing for my favorite character from it. I love the shading on the face and in the hair (which even shows up better in the scanning than the real thing), but the eye color isn't right. No big deal though. Added the weird shadow and the text in after scanning. Judging by how I did this a week after the show started here, you can tell I was hooked pretty fast.
[3/13-14/2000, 11"x14"/74.4 KB, pen outline w/ colored pencils]

"Quatre Raberba Winner: Portrait of an Innocent" (version 2)
My first-ever CG-colored work! Don't I feel special? I was just using this one as an experiment to see if I could actually do it, so it's not perfect. What I did was trace the original drawing, then scanned that and played around with it until I got what I was trying to aim for. But it still looks nice for my first attempt, ne? ^_^ I almost like it better than my original drawing.
[6/28-30/2000, 70 KB]

Duo Maxwell
Gee, who doesn't like Duo? He was my second-fave character, so I drew him next. The shading on the hair is so cool, and I like the simple background I did on this. I've gotten many a compliment on this one.
[3/15-16/2000, 11"x14"/107 KB, pen outline w/ colored pencils]

"Trowa Barton: The Mask of Mystery"
Very nice portrait of Trowa with his clown half-mask, based on a variety of pictures. The shading and altered background really add that overall mysterious feel to it, thus my choice of a title. Oh yeah, and the hair was fun to draw, of course.
[3/23-25/2000, 11"x14"/84.8 KB, pen outline w/ colored pencils]

"Heero Yuy: The Perfect Soldier Poses"
Damn, he looks so fine in this one. I love the intense shading I did in this, and the blue tones in the shirt really help bring out his gorgeous eyes. Oh yeah, and he isn't wearing another shirt under the unbuttoned one you can see.
[3/26-31/2000, 11"x14"/137 KB, pen outline w/ colored pencils]

"Heero Yuy: The Perfect Soldier Poses (version 2)"
I tried something different with actually coloring some of the lines themselves, but they still ended up kinda icky. The eyes are still totally gorgeous though. *sigh* I wish they had tutorials available on this topic for Photo-Paint as well as Photoshop . . .
[7/2-4/2000, 100 KB]

"The Smiling Shinigami"
Probably one of my best pieces of 2000. And it's the first time I've done an anime-style drawing in this manner too. I love Duo's eyes in this one, not to mention that mischievous smirk. ^_^ Sorry about any irregularities in the coloration, especially around the face; that's what I get for doing such a big drawing and trying to scan it in piece by piece.
[4/1-5/2000, 16"x20"/192 KB, pencil]

"The Gentle Pilot"
Gods, sometimes I even amaze myself. It's a less-than-original title, I know, but the quality of this Quatre portrait makes up for it. It's similar to the one above, but with a lighter feel to it. This one was already quite popular with many of my friends before I even made it available on the site, and it's one of my personal favorites.
[4/5-11/2000, 16"x20"/145 KB, pencil]

"Duo in Real Life"
The first of the Gundam Wing equivalents to my Real-Life Ronin drawings, but it's also sorta fic-art for a big project some friends and I have since abandoned since I did this. As I look back on this picture, though, I think it still seems a little too anime-ish with the unrealistically spiky bangs and the eyes. Some of my later Real-Life Gundam Wing Pilots portraits look much better than this.
[4/12-26/2000, 11"x14"/130 KB, pencil]

"Quatre in Real Life"
Cuteness like this should be illegal, I tell you. And I think this is how I'd like to picture Quatre from now on, especially with those sweet, adorable eyes.
[4/26-30/2000, 11"x14"/116 KB, pencil]

"Trowa in Real Life"
I don't know how I did it, but I actually somehow managed to make the hair look semi-realistic! But other than that, I just can't help but find Trowa so incredibly handsome and so mature-looking in this portrait; I swear he looks about 18 or 19 in this one. Wow . . .
[5/1-7/2000, 11"x14"/132 KB, pencil]

"Heero in Real Life"
If you can't recognize this as being Heero at a first glance, take a look at the eyes. That infamous "Heero Yuy Glare of Death" is a dead giveaway. I'm quite surprised . . . for getting it done in less than 24 hours, this turned out all right, especially since this had been my third attempt in trying to make it look halfway decent. I probably could've done better on it though, even though I like my shading job on his tank top and the shirt slung over his shoulder, not to mention the fact that I actually drew a decent hand in this for once.
[5/9-10/2000, 11"x14"/108 KB, pencil]

"Zechs in Real Life"
My first (and only) drawing of Zechs (sans mask and in OZ uniform), and I know Saiki totally loves me for this one (because she's so obsessed with him). And I can't blame her for it either. That face is simply too handsome for words, and the shading really gives it an overall mysterious feel. Of these real-life-style drawings that I've done so far, this one was probably the easiest because the character design already looks far more realistic than the others.
[5/10-14/2000, 11"x14"/104 KB, pencil]

"Shelter from the Storm"
This was actually fic-art for that big fic, called "Do You Remember?", but I had no clue at the time I did this if this quiet moment between a rain-soaked Duo and Khandreia (my character, not the real me--I don't totally look like that) would actually be used in a scene later on. I'm really pleased with how this turned out; I honestly think this realistic (and much more somber-looking) version of Duo looks far better than the one up above. (Since creating this picture, however, I'd decided to drop out of the DYR fic project both for personal reasons and because of my dwindling interest in Gundam Wing.)
[5/17-25/2000, 11"x14"/142 KB, pencil]

"Wufei in Real Life"
It took me forever to find a decent picture to work from, which was a picture of the five boys in these formal military-style uniforms, but I finally got this one done! And I must say, for my first and only Wufei drawing, this turned out pretty well too.
[5/31-6/8/2000, 11"x14"/115 KB, pencil]

"The Desert Prince"
This was my labor of love. It took me nearly a month to complete (mostly because I'd let the poor thing sit around for long periods of time), but I am certainly pleased with the end result. As you can clearly see, this is a portrait of Quatre in traditional Arabian attire (in case you didn't know, he's supposed to be of Arabian descent) with an Arabian horse alongside him. This picture stems not only from my long-time love of horses (especially of the Arabian breed), but also from my own knowledge and experiences in showing in Arabian Native Costume classes a few years back and because of this beautiful doujinshi picture I'd found a while back. Oh yeah, and because it's got a horse in it, it's one of the only Gundam Wing drawings my mom really truly likes (even though she thought Quatre was a girl).
[6/9-7/6/2000, 16"x20"/100 KB, pencil]

"God of Death"
I can't even begin to tell you how popular this became before I even made it available through the site, not to mention how popular it's become since the time I first posted it. I guess it only figures, since this features Duo with his hair down and unbraided (I can see you other fangirls out there drooling already). The outfit he's wearing and the scythe he's wielding were inspired by another picture I'd seen somewhere, but everything else was my own idea except for D-Hell Custom in the background. (That doesn't make it look too busy, does it?) And I also tried a different shading style than I use with most of my drawings, which makes this all the more stunning. (I wanted to laugh when my mom thought he was a girl too. Go figure . . .)
[7/13-24/2000, 16"x20"/134 KB, pencil]
*Winner (by a landslide--10 out of 12 votes!), Bishónen-Trainers Mailing List Fan Art of the Month, Experienced Canon Bishounen Division, September/October 2000

"Whisper of a Summer's Breeze"
First off, I want to thank Lady Dragon for suggesting the title for this, since I'd had a hard time coming up with something on my own. Anyway, this is another CG Heero drawing, based on this lovely picture of him on my one Endless Waltz poster. Would you believe that the original outline I'd drawn for this was on a 16"x20" sheet of paper? This had been sitting around for about a month before I got around to adding the background photo because of massive computer problems, but I finally got it done. I love how the hair looks in this, and my shading job is nice, but I don't like how the eyes turned out. I guess I'm just not as good at drawing Heero as I am with the others. >_<
[7-8/9/2000, 92 KB]

"Never Let Go"
It took me forever to think of a decent title for this, but this is my first and only picture of Heero and Relena together, based on part of a scene near the end of Endless Waltz. I was kind of a supporter of the idea that Heero and Relena could possibly form a relationship at one point or another back when I was still a Wing fan, so that was one of my key reasons for doing it. It was a real pain to get the colors right and to get the lines to look not so icky, but after doing a little bit of soft blurring to the image, it helped it a lot. However, after my last CG portrait, I've come to a conclusion: I can't draw Heero decently to save my life (outside of my very first attempt). -_-;;
[7/31-8/30/2000, 11"x14"/64.8 KB, pen and CG]

"Kurayami Kara no Tsukai (The Messenger from the Dark)"
This poor thing . . . it took me three months to complete just because I'd been lazy and let it sit around for two of those months before finally finishing it. But anyway, this was my first attempt to draw one of the Gundams from Wing without any of the characters shown in it, this one being Deathscythe Hell Custom from Endless Waltz, of course, and based on the box art for the 1/100-scale model kit. My original intention for this drawing was to enter it in Gundam Shop's November 2000 fanart contest, but because it wasn't done by then (and the "Little Boy Lost" GX picture entered in its place), it was entered in the February 2001 one instead (and won, which is kinda weird considering I'd been getting out of my Wing phase at the time). I rarely ever work in charcoal anymore because it can be incredibly messy at times, but considering all the really black areas in this drawing, it turned out quite well with the sharp contrast between the very black shadows and the bright white highlights. My only complaint is that the head looks a bit small for the body, but there's not much I can do about that. And if you're wondering where I got the title from, it's from a track on the first Gundam Wing soundtrack, the one I believe some people have mistakenly called "Deathscythe's Theme" for some unexplained reason, and is also one of my favorites on it. And for such a demonic-looking Gundam as D-Hell Custom, it seems quite appropriate.
[10/9-12/31/2000, 16"x20"/127 KB, charcoal]
*First place winner, Gundam Shop's Monthly Fan Art contest, February 2001


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