"Grey Raven and Black Angel"

Ehehe . . . this is what happens when my over-creative mind combines with the fact that both my boyfriend and I are GX fans. *sweatdrop* (See "A Dream Meant to Be" in the Everything Else section of the Gallery to see a more . . . reality-based depiction of us, if you're really curious about this.) I never intended to do this, really . . . it just popped into my head one day, and I had to do it.

Interesting thing though . . . shortly after I'd finished my GX Divider MS Guy pic at the end of 2001, I intened to try my hand at one for the Bertigo; I'd even started sketching it out too. But after a while, I ended up abandoning it when I was barely past sketching out the basic shapes and such. So when I got this idea, I decided to pull that sketch out and sort of reuse it for this drawing so it didn't go to waste. The GX part of this, though, I had to do purely from scratch.

But why these color schemes? Well for the GX, this was the color scheme I planned to use for my forever-forthcoming fic for my original character's GX in it, and because one of my favorite Gundams is the GX (it would've been the GX Divider, but there's already my MS Guy of that, and I wouldn't be able to give that a custom color scheme either), I felt it was a good fit. I've also painted myself a GX model kit in these colors and modified the weapons shown in this for that, so that was also a factor as well. As for the Bertigo's colors here . . . the gray/black scheme is what my boyfriend requested, not to mention that it's his favorite suit in GX, so of course I was going to comply, and I think it almost looks better than the normal Bertigo colors. (And yes, I know I spelled it with the British spelling "grey" in the title of the piece but use the American spelling here; that was fully intentional for those of you who know me. ^_~)

Overall, considering I rarely ever do such dynamic drawings, I think I did pretty well. Sure, there are a few flaws, but given the sorts of things I usually draw, that should be expected, and they aren't very obvious either.