The Princess and the Pauper

This is one of those "I never expected to do this drawing but it still turned out pretty nifty" types of drawings I sometimes find myself doing, this one being of Garrod and Tiffa (now my most favorite couple in all of anime if anyone cares) together. I was really bored during the 2-hour car ride down to Illinois to visit relatives for Thanksgiving in 2000, so I pulled out my sketchbook and reference pictures and began drawing away. (Both images were based on the line art featured on the second soundtrack's cover, but because that showed Garrod and Tifa facing away from each other, I reversed the image of Garrod to make it look like he was holding Tiffa--not an easy task, that's for sure.) I finished the whole pencil outline in that 2-hour period, then cleaned it up with the pen outline later that evening, but I had to wait until I got home the next day (thus the slightly worn and/or bent areas along the edges) to start coloring and shading. Anyway . . . though Tiffa really isn't a princess (despite Olba Frost calling her one in episodes 3 and 4), I felt that this was a rather appropriate title for the two of them given what I know of their backgrounds. Don't they look absolutely adorable together? ^_~