"Human Touch II: If You Believe . . ."

Okay, now this is just me being an obsessed fangirl with no social life whatsoever fantasizing about her favorite anime character. Will anyone ever take me seriously after seeing this picture, especially now that I moved it from my Miscellaneous section of the Gallery to the GX section? I don't know, but does it look like I really care? ^_~

Anyway, aside from the fact that she's also named Khandreia, this is actually fic-art for a big multi-anime fanfic project my friends and I are working on called "Between the Lines, Between Two Hearts" (or BtLB2H for short), and the series I chose for it was, of course, Gundam X. And because this Khandreia obviously looks like a slightly better-looking version of myself (the "real" Khandreia), you do the math. The title of this comes from the ending theme of GX, "Human Touch," which becomes quite important in my part of the fic. A shame much of it isn't ready for anyone to read yet. If the project ends up abandoned, I may instead use this as an illustration for either a different GX fic idea I've got or for a GX fic a friend of mine is writing, depending on how the latter turns out. (There is a "Human Touch I" in another part of the Gallery for those who haven't seen it yet, but I'm keeping it there because it's mostly just manipulation of graphics and it doesn't look very GX-related when you look at it.)

Though I may make such a romantic and emotional moment look easy, this was far from being easy for me to do. When I did this, it was right when the "awkward phase" of my interest in Jamil was turning into a full-blown fangirl-ish obsession, so I was still questioning my sanity a bit on this one. But the idea to illustrate this key scene in the fic just wouldn't leave me alone, so I decided to draw it anyway. It's a slightly different style of shading and inking that I normally use, but I like it because it seems to add that special something (whatever that may be) to the picture. Also look closely at the tear running down her cheek; I think that really adds some nice emotion to it. The only problem I really have with this is Jamil's hand. It just doesn't look right, but then again, given my inability to draw a decent hand, that shouldn't come as much surprise. -_-;

Since I finished this the day before my 21st birthday, I like to consider this as almost a birthday gift to myself. ^_^;; Call me crazy for this picture (I'm still surprised no one has done that yet over at Gundam.com, because I used a smaller version of this as my personal avatar there for quite a while), but either way, I'm still a hopeless romantic at heart . . .