"To Never Look Back Again"

And so my path to eventually becoming miko continued to the point where I actually wanted the cel I based this on; heck, I even did this drawing before I got it and worked only from the small scans in the auction listing. But no matter what, the moment I first saw what it looked like, I knew I had to have it. And the way the shadows fell and the rather unique shot of Jamil looking over his shoulder like that immediately made it clear in my mind that I had to do a drawing of it too no matter if I won the auction or not. (You can see my cel on my Cel Collection page.) Oddly enough, the day I started this was the day I also finished it; it's rare for me to do that anymore even with a fairly simple pencil drawing as this. And it's also rare for me to want to put the working date and the title on the front as well; usually I record that on the back of all my pictures, but from some reason I felt compelled to include that and who it's of where everyone could see it. *shrug* (Well, at least now you all can see what some of my handwriting really looks like! ^_^) But anyway, for getting it done in a matter of a few hours, I'm very pleased with how this turned out; like my watercolor, it ended up looking almost exactly like how I had envisioned it despite the fact that when looking at the drawing in hindsight, there are some inaccuracies that I've been able to pick out. Either way, it's strange, since that's never happened with any of my drawings of other characters before . . . a sign of things to come, perhaps? o_O