"Façade I: Silent Warrior"

With my opening of Frozen Memories, the small page I made for Jamil (and probably the first of its kind too, I'm sure), on the same day that I started this, I think my doing this drawing is only appropriate. But it didn't start out in its present state. I originally drew the main image in the middle of another piece of paper because I didn't know how big it was going to turn out and how it would have fit on the paper. Deciding that by itself it would've had too much blank space, I traced it onto another sheet of paper but shifted it over to the side like it is now to allow room for a second smaller image. And even that second image that's in there isn't where I originally drew it; I first had it about an inch to the right and about an inch too high up, so I had to trace that onto a sheet of tracing paper, then erased the original drawing, and then traced the tracing back onto the paper where it is now. (Whew, that's a mouthful! *_*) But anyway, for the main image I used the same techniques that I used in my previous drawing ("Brotherly Hatred") to retain the anime feel yet add some realism to it, and for the secondary image, I combined a little bit of that with some techniques I used in some of my older pencil drawings to give it a more realistic feel. Overall though, while I was hoping it would've turned out better, I'm still quite satisfied with my end result. But as you can probably guess from the Roman numeral in the title (and from the drawings that immediately followed this), this is only the first of a couple more semi-similar drawings. Hey, if I've got the site and I've started calling myself Jamil no Miko, shouldn't I be doing something to reflect it?