"Façade I: Silent Warrior" (Side-profile image)

Hmmm . . . what to say? Well, I guess when I'd first finished the full drawing, I liked this part of it so much that I felt it deserved to be its own separate image, and because I didn't want to redraw it (because whenever I do redraw something, it never turns out the same), I chose to just alter it on the computer instead. I even went so far as to taking my signature from the original and adding/altering it for this picture! But now that I look back on it, I'm not sure if I really like it by itself anymore; maybe it's just because "Façade II" ended up doing a much better job of showing Jamil sans sunglasses (though I think "much better" could almost be an understatement ^_^). Though I have to admit that as difficult as it can sometimes be for me, I think I did a rather good job with the hair, I'll say that much. And it's not exactly a real side-profile portrait, even though that's what I call it (it's just easier that way); the line art I based this part on (which originally showed him with the sunglasses on, so trying to alter that was difficult enough) seemed to make it look like he was just slightly looking over to his right. I just thought I should add that because I've had a few people tell me it looks kinda weird for a side-profile.