Whoever said this 30-year-old captain couldn't be made to look attractive?

"Façade II: Beyond the Invisible"

*can't stop gawking* I know I may be Jamil no Miko, but . . . good Gods, what have I done? *_*

I'd been wanting to do a drawing in which I'd try to make Jamil look a little more attractive (not to mention a really nice picture where you could actually see his eyes for a change), and my goodness, I think I went way overboard! *_* The pose was inspired by something in a Gundam Wing picture I had, with a little additional inspiration coming from the picture "Façade I" was based off of, but something about the pose seems a little odd. (But then again, that could come from the fact that I'm terrible at drawing hands. -_-;) And forgive the rather bland background; it was merely something I threw in so I wouldn't have just the plain white paper. But no matter what, I simply cannot stop staring at this! That face . . . and those eyes . . . *thud* If this doesn't change how people look at Jamil, then I don't know what would (and trust me, even with some of my friends who haven't seen GX, this turned a few heads!). I tell you, one of these days this is probably going to end up becoming one of my most infamous pieces, seeing as how I took a stoic, relatively normal-looking character and made him look like one of the most attractive over-25 Gundam characters this side of Char Aznable in CCA. Hey, if someone's going to put him in a more . . . appealing light, why not me? ^_~