Jamil...a bishounen? Who'd have thought?

"Façade III: Prism of Life" (15-year-old Jamil)

Trust me, doing this was certainly not as easy as it looks like it was. Do you know how hard it was to draw this with only, like, two pictures to work from? Not only that, but it was such a pain to try to get the position right; I still think his right shoulder and arm look a little strange (you can probably see a lot of my eraser marks in this, I'm sure), and I had literally nothing to work with when it came to trying to draw anything from the hands down, not even the doujinshi pictures that inspired this. Blah. -_-; (And even though the left hand looks a tad too small, I refused to change it because I normally suck at drawing hands and that was one of the best ones I've drawn freehand in a really long time!) Overall, though, I like the expression--that boyish innocence was exactly what I wanted to show here--and I kept the sepia-tone from the completed picture to retain the nostalgic feel. And I never thought I'd ever say this about Jamil in any way, but I'd almost have to say that he looks kinda bishounen in this, wouldn't you say? Even though this drawing is of his younger self, that's still one of the last words I'd ever think of describing him as!