"Façade III: Prism of Life" (Present-day Jamil)

Excluding my probably soon-to-be-infamous "Façade II," I think this is my best rendition of Jamil so far--to me, nearly everything about it is absolutely perfect! The image this was based on was a screen capture I found that was also offset to the side, but I tried to change the expression a little bit (in the original picture, he was speaking) and tried to make the hair look a little more natural as opposed to the somewhat spiky anime style. My favorite part of this has to be how I did the sunglasses--they look so three-dimensional! And once again I retained the sepia-tone from the full picture; it seems much more appropriate for this than just having the plain old grayscale I normally convert all my other pencil drawings to. The only thing that bugs me about this is the top part of the hair--it was hard to judge where to draw it because of the angle and position, so I tried to crop as much as that off the original scan as I could without cutting off too much. But what more can I say? This just looks too good!