"Façade III: Prism of Life"

Ever since I'd taken on my miko status, I'd been wanting to do a picture of Jamil that showed him as both the 15-year-old Federation officer as well as the present-day captain we all know in the series. However, it took my getting two GX doujinshi anthologies (both of which had a story about Jamil in the Federation) to finally inspire me to do it. This picture actually consists of two separate pencil drawings that are roughly the same size but altered to fit into the area of the larger picture. I also chose to convert it to a sepia-tone to give that nostalgic feel I wanted to convey with this. The words in the background are from the song that gave this picture its name, "Prism of Life" by Enigma, which I really thought fit the mood for this: "I am hunted by the future/Will the future be my past?/Or is time a fade-out picture/Of my everlasting cast?/Love is phasing, love is moving/To the rhythm of your sight/I get closer/To the crossing point of light." The more and more I'd been listening to it as I worked on the two parts of this picture, the more and more it seemed appropriate. Overall, I'm pretty pleased with this finished piece; it all flows together well, and it reminds me of something one might see on a doujinshi cover. As for my comments on the actual drawings in this, you can find them with those particular scans.