Untitled doujinshi-style portrait of Jamil

This is another of what I consider my "boredom sketches"--something I really wasn't planning on doing but did anyway to kill time. I first sketched this out while I was down at Anime Central 2001 after we had gotten settled into our hotel room for the night and I had an uncontrollable urge to draw something. However, all I had in terms of source material were my drawings I'd already done up to that point, one of my small GX artbooks that really didn't show all that much in terms of decent pictures, and my GX doujinshi anthologies. Wanting to try something a little different, I decided to use my doujinshi as inspiration, and in under two hours, I sketched out the original lineart for this. I cleaned the pencil lines up a bit the next day, but I had to wait until I got home at the end of the weekend to ink it because I was a ditz and forgot to bring a pen with me. I heavily procrastinated on the light coloring I did, doing a little bit of that in May and then not finishing it until the very end of 2001, so for much of the year, people only saw this as a work-in-progress via Frozen Memories.

But I'll tell you this much . . . the scan is definitely not good, as shown by the pinkish edges and the overly washed-out look. However, when looking at the original drawing up close, it looks considerably better. And even though I used this only as an experiment to try a slightly different style than I was accustomed to doing, I can see elements of this showing up in my newer pieces as well.