"Façade IV: Gravity of Love"

Finally, I'm out of my artistic slump! This was the first finished drawing I'd done in over two months, and it took me half of that time to complete it as well. -_-; Ah well.

Anyway, this particular installment in the "Façade" series is dedicated to an aspect of Jamil's personality that is often forgotten by others but is something that I find very important to who he is as a character--his continued feelings for Lucille Lilliant, his superior and friend from his days in the Federation. It's never actually said to what extent their friendship was, but the way I interpret the events of episode 19 (where this is all revealed), I'm led to believe that while they may have been good friends, the then-15-year-old Jamil really liked Lucille (who was 5 years his senior) a lot more than that. However, he was never able to tell her that before her disappearance at the end of the 7th Space War, and that ended up causing him a lot of emotional pain that he still hasn't been able to get over 15 years later. With that in mind, I think you can figure out the reason I chose the title I did.

As for the drawing itself, the reason this took over a month to do was mainly because I couldn't figure out which direction to take with it. I eventually decided on colored pencil, but I'm not sure if I like how I did the pen outline on Jamil (not to mention the rest of that part of the picture--as the miko, I feel pretty bad about that >_<); I mostly wanted to show a contrast between that and the lighter, more ethereal look I wanted to show with the image of Lucille. Speaking of which, I really like how she turned out in this. Odd as it may sound, I'm not exactly the best at drawing females despite my being one, so I'm especially proud of the work I did on her considering that there really aren't a lot of images I could use to work from. And forgive some of the discoloration in some areas of the picture; it's hard to scan a large color drawing like this and then get it to fit together with the coloration matching all the way through. The fact that my scanner does weird things to the colors to begin with doesn't help either. 9_9;