Who wants to bet that I'll now have to beat other girls away with a club to get them to stay away from my man? ^_~

"X Appeal" (or "Give Me My Coat Back, Dammit . . .")

Beau, 'Straya, and all the other fangirls over on the Gundam.com message boards, this is all your fault. You made me do this picture. And you girls over on The Breeding Ground are just as responsible, what with you all fawning over every single picture of Jamil I share with you even though barely any of you have seen GX yet. :P

Well, it's true! There's been an ongoing thread over on Gundam.com where us female fans can gush about our favorite guys, and well, of course I was going to get involved! After a while, because some of us are artists, we started talking about doing pictures of our guys either shirtless or in very tight clothing, so you could call this one half peer pressure and one half experimentation. But because I couldn't get myself to draw him completely shirtless (much of it coming from the fact that I'd have nothing to work from), I decided to instead draw Jamil as he more or less was in episode 9 just after he had awakened from his coma (though I of course took away the sunglasses because you know how much I love his eyes ^_~). At least I had a picture to sorta work from with that.

The pose itself was taken from a picture of a completely different anime character a friend of mine had supplied me (though reversed), but not before two previously unsuccessful attempts to make this look good. The first attempt didn't work at all and was looking too much like a shirtless version of "Facade II," and the second attempt just looked bad except for the face. So what I did with that was trace what I had drawn of the face and hair onto a separate piece of paper, erased everything, and then drew it back onto the paper at the angle you see here. From there, it went quite well as you can clearly see. Though I must admit, I still do question my ability to draw hands in one way or another. It just doesn't look right. -_-;

I'm sure you're all wondering what in the world that subtitle of "Give Me My Coat Back, Dammit . . ." is all about though. Well . . . just look at his expression! Doesn't he look kinda ticked off? There was also a bit of a joke among my Gundam.com friends that I was having trouble with the picture because I couldn't get Jamil to pose properly due to the fact that it was cold and I had "stolen" his coat for the time being, and that's why he looks so angry. Yeah, it sounds silly, I know, but it was one of those things where you just had to be there to get the joke.

Though I really do have to wonder . . . will anyone ever be able to take me seriously as a GX fan anymore because of this picture? Yeah, the girls will all love me for it for obvious reasons (well, whaddya expect--he's really buff! ^_~), but as for the guys who've always respected me as a knowledgeable fan . . . I don't know anymore. -_-;; But one thing's for sure: You definitely know I'm an obsessed fangirl if I've now started doing drawings like this!