"Dust in the Wind"

First off, no, I didn't mislabel my drawing, and yes, this is who you think it is. You can completely blame one of my friends for this piece though. She was telling me that she wanted to know what Jamil would look like with long hair, so that got the wheels turning in my head, and this was the result.

But to make this picture seem like it could actually fit somewhere into the GX storyline (for those of you not familiar with it, nowhere in the show or any official parts of the storyline is he seen like this), I decided that Jamil would be around 18 or 19 years old here. That way, it would be around AW 0003/0004 and still in the midst of the nuclear winter that's plagued the Earth since the colony drop (thus the reason he's wearing that sort of scarf/hood in the picture). One would think that even then, Jamil would still feel incredibly guilty about his actions in the war (c'mon, just look at how he still is even in AW 0015!), thus making him a rather angry, depressed, and quite possibly rebellious young man at the time. And to me, a guy with long hair has always appeared to be the angry and/or rebellious type, so there you go. I also wanted to go with a sort of "lost wanderer" look, because I would assume that's the sort of thing he'd be doing at around that time . . . just looking for a place in the world and a reason for living, if you will.

Anyway, doing this was a bit of a challenge. How was I going to give him long hair but still make him look like the character GX fans are all familiar with? It wasn't easy, that's for sure, especially when trying to make him look around 18/19-ish; he probably looks older than that here, I'm sure. (Then again, when I first saw Jamil in the GX series, I originally thought he looked around 40-ish, so I guess it only figures. :P) The version you see here has also been rotated a little bit from what was originally drawn on paper, as I didn't think it looked quite right the way I drew it. And the use of the lyrics from the song that gave this piece its name comes from the fact that I'd been almost constantly listening to the Sarah Brightman version of it and really felt like it fit the mood I was trying to show, not to mention that I think it fits Jamil's personality to begin with. Also, I think a little bit of my own emotions showed up in here, as at the time I'd started it, I was feeling a bit upset over a controversy with another in-progress drawing at the message board I moderate, so you can't totally say I was doing this just for the heck of it.

But no matter what, I find this appearance to be an interesting concept and may just try putting together a fanfic related to it, not to mention at least a couple more similar drawings. Hopefully no one'll think I'm crazy for that (but then again, given the fact that I'm already Jamil no Miko to begin with, they probably think I'm crazy already! o_O;;).