p.o.w.e.r r.a.n.g.e.r.s f.a.n.a.r.t

Adam as the Black Ninjetti (#1)
One of my better early drawings. I'd done a whole series of pictures of the Rangers in their Ninjetti forms right before the first movie came out, but this was the only one I had a picture of to post here for the time being. I really like how I did the texture of the outfit here.
[6/95, 8"x10" unframed/21.5 KB, water-soluble colored pencils]

Adam as the Black Ninjetti (#2)
This is one of those rare early pieces of mine that I still carry around with me with all the rest of my more current drawings. My technique has greatly changed since, but even way back then, I was showing a fairly good talent in drawing people.
[12/95 (retouched 4/96), 9"x12"/18.7 KB, pencil]

Yes, I have done drawings of Rangers other than Adam, but not all of them are worthy enough of my wanting to post them here. I hate how the scanner washed out a lot of the shading on this, but you can still see a lot of the intensity in the face, hair, and clothing that gives this portrait of Rocky its name.
[12/95, 9"x12"/145 KB, pencil]

"Hero 4 All Time"
Now that I finally had a chance to scan the actual drawing instead of just a small photo, you can really see all the intricate details I put into this portrait of Adam as Zeo Ranger IV. (That's something that makes working with mechanical pencil really worthwhile.) Even though it's been a long time since I did this, this one still remains one of my favorites.
[1/20-21/97, 11"x14"/102 KB, pencil]

Okay, if you don't know who this is and why this is included with my PR art, I'm assuming you never watched PR at all from 11/94 to 9/97, nor have you seen either of the movies. But no matter what, this certainly isn't all that bad considering I worked from a crummy picture I took from a Zeo episode and ended up altering the hair and background on.
[8/97, 16"x20"/16 KB, charcoal]
*Blue Ribbon Winner [4-H Division], 1997 Sheboygan (WI) County Fair

This is definitely proof that I actually would draw PR characters other than Adam. As you can see, this one is of Trini, my all-time favorite female PR character. I had originally tried to draw something from the picture this is based on back in '95, but it turned out horribly, and so I decided to do it again a year later. This was a much better result obviously.
[8/96, 11"x14"/108 KB, pencil]
*Blue Ribbon Winner [4-H Division], 1996 Sheboygan County Fair


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