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*This page features fic-art from fics I haven't finished yet and work based on other people's fics . . . essentially anything that isn't related to the A Rhyme and Reason series.

*The Crow: Grove of Angels*

"Tears of Sorrow, Mask of Revenge"
I don't know what it is about this drawing, but I really like it. And yes, that is Adam for any of you who couldn't figure it out. I love how I did the shading on this; it really gives it that dark, mysterious, almost creepy feel to it commonly associated with Crow-type stuff. And the contrast between the black and white really helps bring attention to that part of the face too. Take a look if you dare . . .
[7/11-12/99, 9"x12"/158 KB, charcoal]

". . . all alone in a world I no longer understood . . ."
Though it still shows the whole Crow getup (for lack of a better term) here, this one tries to capture the more emotional side of it all. The title comes from a part of Adam's narration that I'll be using in the fic and really adds to the overall power of what I'm trying to show. This really shows off some of my strengths in drawing too, especially in the hair, face, eyes, and clothing. I like this one a lot more than the one above.
[7/19-22/99, 9"x12"/325 KB, pencil]

*Power Rangers Ronin*

"Power Rangers Ronin I: The New Warrior of Halo"
My first piece of fic-art for something I didn't write! Okay, so I was doing the beta-reading for Kenneth Hillis' PR/RW semi-crossover series (whatever happened to the rest of it anyway? T_T), but I just couldn't get it out of my head to do this. Amazing how much I've put Adam through in all my artwork, ne? ^_^ (What can I say? He and Sage are so similar it's scary.) But this turned out quite nice, I must say. I really like the background image.
[11/26-29/99, 9"x12"/158 KB, pencil (background image) w/ colored pencils (main image)]

"Power Rangers Ronin II: Hardrock 'n' Roll"
Yeah, lame title, I know, but I couldn't think of anything else to use. Anyway, this one isn't all that bad either, even though I just can't help but laugh when I look at it anymore. (Hey, it's Rocky as a Kento-wannabe, so what else would you expect? ^_^) And I really love the background image on this one.
[11/30-12/6/99, 9"x12"/165 KB, pencil (background image) w/ colored pencils]


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