r.o.n.i.n w.a.r.r.i.o.r.s/s.a.m.u.r.a.i t.r.o.o.p.e.r.s a.r.t.w.o.r.k


"Halo's Honor" (aka "Sage in Kendo Gear")
My first-ever Ronin drawing for my favorite character. Don't even ask where the original title came from though. Overall, I like it, but I honestly think I could've done better on the Halo thunderbolt symbol. It looks much better up close than from far away.
[11/3-4/99, 8"x10"/134 KB, colored pencils]

"Ryo of the Wildfire"
Based on one of my fave Ryo pictures. Not one of my best, but still worthy of being posted here.
[11/13/99, 9"x12"/163 KB, colored pencils]

"The Armor of Halo" (aka "Sage in Armor")
One of my personal favorites. I tried a new shading technique that I'd use a lot more in drawings after this, and it looks wonderful. The only thing I did different from the original picture was add a bit more of his hair over his one eye.
[11/17-19/99, 9"x12"/153 KB, colored pencils]

"Kikoutei no Chikara (The Power of Kikoutei)"
My very first drawing of 2000! Ryo looks so intimidating in it! I've always thought there weren't enough Inferno/Kikoutei drawings out there, so I decided to change that.
[1/7-8/2000, 9"x12"/146 KB, colored pencils]

"Tenku no Touma"
The Japanese name for Rowen of the Strata. Looks quite unique with the silver kanji for his name running down the side. I like it a lot.
[1/18-23/2000, 9"x12"/169 KB, colored pencils]

"Prince of the Sea"
Just a fairly simple picture of Cye in the Torrent armor sans helmet and holding his yari, with the kanji for "Suiko" in the background. Something around one of the eyes looks kinda weird, but other than that, it's all right.
[2/2000, 9"x12"/147 KB, pen outline w/ colored pencils]

"Bad Boy Torrent"
An instant hit--and running joke--with my friends when I first did it. They all wanted to see what Cye would look like in a biker-style leather jacket, so I drew it for them. I like the rough-looking shading on the jacket though; it really adds to the effect.
[3/5-8/2000, 9"x12"/137 KB, pen outline/shading w/ colored pencils]

"Sage in Huntseat Attire"
My many years of being a horsewoman had finally caught up to me when I got the idea for this. I drew a lot of the outfit from memory too, so I'm quite impressed by that. And the background I added in after scanning is quite nice too. But I still want to know how Sage would get all that hair up inside that helmet . . .
[3/8-11/2000, 11"x14"/109 KB, pen outline w/ colored pencils]

r.e.a.l.-.l.i.f.e r.o.n.i.n.s

The one that started it all for this series of drawings, and it's my favorite of these too. It's partially related to my AR&R PR series, so that's where I think I got the idea from. But he's just so cute in this! I wish he were real now!
[12/11/99, 8"x10"/149 KB, colored pencils]

I think I either really need to redo this picture or just scan it again, because it turned out looking really strange in this scanned version. Something about it just seems . . . I don't know . . . kinda off in this.
[12/12/99, 8"x10"/141 KB, colored pencils]

He's still got those cute, boyish looks here. I don't know what else to say, but I like this one a lot.
[12/12/99, 8"x10"/129 KB, colored pencils]

I really think I could've done a better job on this one. To me, it still looks too anime-like rather than realistic because of the eyes. But you still might like it. Ah well, that's what learning from your mistakes is for . . .
[12/13/99, 8"x10"/115 KB, colored pencils]

Doesn't he just look so sweet and huggable in this? It almost reminds me of what some football player-type guy might do for his senior high school portraits for some reason. This one's my second favorite of the five.
[12/14/99, 8"x10"/139 KB, colored pencils]


"Lady Inferno"
This is a bit of a spoiler for my now-abandoned Ronin fic series, but I couldn't just let it sit around all this time without sharing it. This is Lily, my original character who would've eventually ended up with the Inferno armor (but wouldn't know that she has it) and looks a lot like Cye. Her kanji is tamashii--spirit, and that phoenix symbol was supposed to be the new Inferno symbol in my fic (and I later adopted as my own personal symbol). The sub-armor was a pain and a half to draw, but it's not bad for my first original anime-style character.
[1-2/2000, 9"x12"/151 KB, pen outline w/ colored pencils]

"Embraced by the Light" (Unaltered version here)
So beautiful, ne? Lily just found out here that Sage is a Ronin Warrior, and now he's showing her just how he really feels about her. The altered version looks much more like a romantic-type of picture, but I decided to show off the original version too so you could see what it really looks like.
[2/23-26/2000, 11"x14"/76.5 KB (133 KB unaltered), pen outline w/ colored pencils]

"The Woman I Could Not Love"
This is actually for AR&R, but I put it here instead of with the PR art. Anyway, Rowen's really got a thing for Andréa in AR&R, but he can't have her because she's with Adam. I drew this in a more realistic style again, and this is also my first picture featuring Andréa in her Ranger armor sans helmet too. Dontcha just feel so sorry for Rowen here? I don't call this "The Rowen Angst Picture" for nothing!
[2/26-3/4/2000, 11"x14"/118 KB, colored pencils]


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