Works in Progress

Chibi-fied self-portrait
Yeah, that's yours truly in chibi form. I normally don't even like chibi characters, but I was bored. So sue me. [5/2/2001]

Original pencil outlines from "Façade II: Beyond the Invisible" [preliminary close-up and full outline]
Yeah, my favorite drawing from when I was first starting it. The preliminary close-up outline looks a bit different than how the finished drawing looks because that was when I had just gotten finished sketching out the face and I still needed to fix some stuff. Some of the scanning is really bad, I know. [3/30-31/2001]

Original pencil outlines and test image from "Façade III: Prism of Life" [15-year-old Jamil version 1 and version 2, present-day Jamil, and combined test image]
Ignore the "Innocence" in the file names; I was originally planning on calling the piece "Return to Innocence," but I changed it at the last minute and decided to reserve that for another similar drawing I'm going to be doing. The test image was my trying to combine the two images so I could plan things out ahead of time and know where I should put everything together for the final version. [4/2001]

Concept portrait of Jamil sans sunglasses [pencil outline and pen outline]
Not bad for sketching out in less than two hours while down at Anime Central and barely having any good pictures to work from. I goofed on part of the pen outline on his left side though. Oh well. It's still quite good nonetheless. [5/2001]

Concept portrait of a 20/21-year-old Jamil [pen outline]
This wasn't really for much of anything but to try to pull myself out of a long slump I'd been in, so this will most likely stay as an outline picture. Everyone else likes it though. [6/2001]

Preliminary pencil sketch of "Shattered Innocence"
Even in its early stages, everyone liked this picture. In this version, you can really tell how much planning I put into the shading before I started inking it, though I did improvise a bit in the inking in some areas after that. [9/2001]

Step-by-step preliminary lineart of "Moonlight Vision" [Rough pencil sketch, cleaned-up pencil sketch, and pen outline]
The progression of one of my "boredom sketches," from the rough drawing done in the wee hours of the morning all the way to the cleaned-up, inked outline. [10/2001]

Preliminary lineart for "Dust in the Wind" [Pencil sketch and pen outline (currently unavailable)]
Tiakall, you wanted this drawing to begin with, so here's the in-progress versions of it as well. [11/2001]

Preliminary work for GX Divider MS Guy [Pencil outline and pen outline]
If you've already seen the finished version of this, you'll know that I'd mentioned that in the original pencil version of this, I intended to have Jamil's eyes visible (as you can see in that particular scan), but by the time I inked it, I decided to put the sunglasses back in since it would've been easier for me to CG. [10-11/2001]

Pen outline of "White Knight" fic-art
Whoa . . . where did this come from? I haven't done any kind of fic-art for my Power Rangers fics since the summer of 2000, so this kinda shocked me. If you've read the "White Knight" fic in my PR series or seen my older fic-art piece from this fic in the PR art section, I'm sure you can figure out who this is and what scene this is probably from despite this being in a purely anime style. But darn it, now I can't keep my obsessions straight anymore! o_O;; [12/2001]

In-progress Airmaster MS Guy [Pen outline and base colors]
After I'd finished the GX Divider MS Guy, someone on Gundamwatch suggested that I do one for Witz and his Airmaster, so when I was strapped for ideas on something to draw, I decided to do that. While the pose is quite nice and looks very noble, I flubbed on the inking on the V-fin (which will be corrected in the final CG-ed version), and the hands aren't all that great (as usual -_-;;). However, as I look at this, I'm really reminded of Samurai Troopers; a friend joked that if I changed the one rifle to a no-datchi, drew in hair covering the right eye, and colored it green instead of red, it would look even more like that! :P [1/2002]

Rough pencil version of "The Impossible Dream"
Intended to be a piece of fic-art for a friend's fic but changed to be a blatant self-insertion piece in the midst of depression, this is an early version of one of my most personal and emotional drawings yet. [1/2002]

Pen outline for "Pfff . . ."
I was bored one late night, and all of a sudden, this image appeared in my mind, so I sketched it out and then inked it. [3/2002]

Original character for forthcoming GX fic project
Yes, she's based off of me, and just wait until you see the GX in the background colored. Then you'll see the meaning of "Black Angel" in the file name . . . [4/2002]

Pen outline for "Dianna & Kihel: Two of a Kind"
The in-progress version of my very first Turn A fan art pic! For its original 16"x20" size, it was remarkably easy to draw too . . . [4-5/2002]

Preliminary work for TGP normal suit concept art [Pencil outline and further detailed pen outline]
Struck with the desire to do some concept artwork for Bladed Edge's well-known forum fic, I decided to design the normal suits worn by many of us in the fic. The pencil version is pretty basic, but the inked version adds further details and cleans up some minor flaws. And for the curious, since the female version is shown to be the Delta Leader, that's supposed to be me there . . . hehe . . . [5/2002]

Preliminary work for TGP normal suit helmet designs [Pencil outline and pen outline]
Because the normal suit designs were shown sans helmets, I decided to draw these in addition to them. The top one is again the Delta Leader's (my) helmet with a customized emblem on the side (guess where it came from . . . ^_~), while the bottom one is the standard issue version shown without a custom design on it (though pilots can put anything they wish on there). Note the minor difference between the pencil and pen versions for the Delta Leader's helmet . . . [5/2002]

Preliminary work for Khandreia's (my) customized Delta Gundam in TGP [Pencil outline, pen outline, and base colors]
This is the Gundam I get to pilot in the fic. The original concept design was done by Bladed through the "Franken-Gundam" method, but I decided to draw it out on my own while tweaking things to look the way I wanted them, including replacing the original head with something left over from an old design I never finished and don't have posted here. If you compare the two outline versions to the base-color version, you'll notice that it's missing the top part of the Satellite Cannon, but I immediately fixed that after noticing it. [6/2002]

Pen outline for the redesigned Purple Phoenix Ranger costume
Since I'm working on a revised edition of AR&R for 2002-2003, I decided to update my original costume designs too. Even though this is just the inked version, you can probably already tell the radical changes I've made since my last version of it in 1999, thanks to much more sentai influence and an attempt to make it look faster and more, well, uniform with the rest of the (re)designs to come. Please excuse the poor quality scan, as the scanner I'd gotten just a bit before this was already dying on me. -_- [8-9/2002]

Preliminary work for the original Kamen Gundam design [Pencil outline and pen outline]
This was my entry into the most recent Animerica mecha design contest, since their theme this year was G Gundam, and you were free to design your own mobile fighter from any given country. So I chose to combine two of Japan's most beloved pop culture icons, Kamen Rider and the Gundam, into this offbeat design for Neo-Japan (as if you couldn't tell from the writing on the side...). I'm still amazed that considering that how new I still was to Kamen Rider at the time, it was remarkably easy to come up with the basic design for this . . . [11/2002]

Pen outline for "A Dream Meant to Be"
*blush* Ehehe, this is a kind of, ah, anime-style quasi-self-portrait type thing done as gift art for someone. I'll explain it a bit more with the finished version. [12/2002]

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