The rules of usage still apply here: Please credit me in your icon keywords/comments (or in your profile if you're using them on a forum), and NO hotlinking whatsoever. Credit is absolutely mandatory for the icons that use my artwork! Most other icons feature images that were either scanned or screencapped myself from my own collection. Textless icons are not bases!

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Gundam X Icons

Jamil - Haunted GX Divider GX-9900 Gundam X 15-year-old Jamil Garrod and Tiffa - don't know where this artwork came from Lancelow Darwell, from the DVD covers
Shagia Frost, circa episode 3 Colony drops usually do signify a bad day, yes? Redoing an older icon of mine here. Jamil and the GX Divider, circa episode 18 15-year-old Jamil with Lucille Lilliant 15-year-old Jamil - Brave soldier boy (inspired by a song from Avatar:TLA)
Gundam Airmaster looking intimidating Garrod goes 'WTF' again (redoing an older icon) Garrod and Tiffa together (semi-redoing an older icon) Jamil, circa episode 19

Gundam X Icons (Old)

...What the HELL? (My first icon!) Garrod goes 'mrf' Garrod and Tiffa forever... Toniya says 'Duh.' The shining example of maturity WTF?!
Caffeine high NW - Frost Brothers - 'The Kinslayer' NW - 'Higher Than Hope' (partially features my own artwork) NW - Tiffa - 'Nemo' NW - Jamil - '10th Man Down'
NW - Jamil - 'Dead Gardens' (artwork by me!) NW - Jamil - 'Nemo' #1 NW - Jamil - 'Nemo' #2 NW - Jamil - 'The Kinslayer' (artwork by me!) The star of hope

Misc. Gundam Icons

NW - Aina (08th MS Team) - 'Ghost Love Score' NW - Allenby (G Gundam) - 'Feel for You' NW - Dianna (Turn A) - 'Feel for You' NW - Dianna - 'Higher Than Hope'


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