Power Rangers Icons
All rules still apply to these icons: please credit me if you want to use them, do NOT hotlink (because I can and will find you if you do), do NOT archive/post anywhere else without permission, and do NOT claim as your own. Images here have been culled from MysticPoints.net, The Viewing Globe, a multitude of sites over the years that probably don't exist anymore, from stuff nabbed from various threads on Rangerboard, or are from my own screencaps or scans. Textures/bases and brushes used here come from a wide variety of people on the 100x100 Brushes, Freshmakers, and Icon Textures Livejournal communities, far too many to mention here.

The Zordon Years: MMPR, Zeo, Turbo, and Space

Made for a friend back when Hurricane Rita was hitting the Gulf Coast Same as the first, but with text Rocky prancing around like a fool - Featured on the Userpicks LJ community! Lyrics from 'Winterborn' by The Crüxshadows Remaking one of my early Skull icons Adam is having an Excedrin moment
Divatox muses on the Pirates of the Caribbean movies Cassie off in dreamland The mystery man Phantom Ranger - Second place in the 'Sixth Ranger' theme on PR_Icontest! Adam remembers the past in 'Always a Chance' Two generations of Black Rangers First place in the 'black and white' theme on PR_Icontest!
Aisha is not amused. Created for the 'Green Rangers' theme on PR_Icontest - features a line from 'Winterborn' by The Crüxshadows First place in the 'A' theme on PR_Icontest - text inspired by 'Ever Dream' by Nightwish Created for the 'A' theme on PR_Icontest and a redo of an older icon of mine Tied for second place in the 'Green Rangers' theme on PR_Icontest - features a line from 'A Dangerous Mind' by Within Temptation

(And for more icons featuring Adam, check out the 100-icon challenge I did for the Icons100 LJ community.)

The Post-Zordon Years: Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed Rescue, Time Force, and Wild Force

Lyrics from 'Rise' by Origa Created for the 'Red Ranger' round of PR_Icontest Circuit jumps on the O RLY owl bandwagon The Lunar Wolf Ranger - Third place in the 'Sixth Ranger' theme on PR_Icontest!

The Disney Era: Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, S.P.D., Mystic Force, and Operation Overdrive

Bridge's favorite word... Was going to be used in a PR_Icontest round, but didn't make it. Boom lives out every PR fanboy's dream! Chip channels Pinky of Pinky and the Brain, based on a joke on Rangerboard Jenji channels the Genie from Disney's Aladdin movie - First place in the 'J' theme on PR_Icontest! Created for the Mystic Force theme on PR_Icontest
First place in the Mystic Force theme on PR_Icontest - inspired by 'Dulcis Amor' from the Carmina Burana and the Qntal song

My Older, Really Lousy Icons (in case you really want them for some odd reason)

Skull's face really speaks for itself. The epitome of hot geeks... For all you PR Sue haters... Because even the kid needs some appreciation! More loving for the geeks! 'I'm a frog.'
PR needs more angst! Never mess with Astronema. The caption realy says it all.

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