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The rules of usage still apply here: Please credit me in your icon keywords/comments (or in your profile/signature if you're using them on a forum), and NO hotlinking whatsoever, because I can and will find you if you do. And because this has become a real problem as of late, don't even THINK of stealing any of these icons and claiming them as your own, because those of us at the Teen Titan Theft community also can and will find you if you do. Screencaps used in these icons come from TitansGo.net, or were screencapped myself. Textures/bases and brushes used in many of these are courtesy Colorfilter, Gender, and a whole bunch of other people at the 100x100 Brushes, Freshmakers, and Icon Textures LJ communities. Anything that uses my own artwork MUST be credited! Anything denoted as [HLIF 100] in the alt tags is a part of my Titan_100 100-icon challenge centered around the "How Long Is Forever?" episode.

Titans East, Villains, and Other Characters

Of COURSE Aqualad has fangirls! Damn right it's sexy! Bad girls have more fun! C'mon. You know you want to. Poor guy... Well, just look at your hair, honey!
I was so hoping he'd say that in the show... Here comes daddy... Yes, I know she's REALLY not a goth... Brought to you by the Tamaran Travel Council... Made for the Blackfire theme on Titan_Icontest Made for the Blackfire theme on Titan_Icontest
Made for the 'Reel Big Fish - Average Man' theme on Titan_Icontest Made for the 'Girls' theme on Titan_Icontest Made for the 'Titans East' theme on Titan_Icontest Made for the 'Titans East' theme on Titan_Icontest

Icons With More Than One Character in Them

Yes. They're just friends. Better than the lesser of two evils! At least you know they'll protect us! Introducing...your Teen Tennessee Titans! ...meep? Just another day at the office...
You know you want to play! Speaks for itself. Like I said... Lyric from 'Ghost Love Score' by Nightwish So happy together... Um...yeah. Fang and Kitten forever! @_@
What could've been... Ain't that the truth... Mocking the stupid! *sarcasm* They're fighting! They MUST be in love! Poor older Beast Boy... I've lived here all my life. I'm entitled to mock my home state.
Lyric from 'Our Farewell' by Within Temptation [HLIF 100] Celebrate friendship! [HLIF 100] So much that could've been said... [HLIF 100] Fly away with me... (features my own artwork) [HLIF 100] Wish I could hold you again... [HLIF 100] Tell me you love me...
[HLIF 100] 'Without you, I'm no one' (Lunatica, 'A NeverEnding Story') [HLIF 100] Lyric from Lunatica's 'Still Believe' [HLIF 100] 'Man to man, soldier to soldier, dust to dust' (Nightwish, '10th Man Down') [HLIF 100] Rocky Horror Picture Show fun! [HLIF 100] Lyric from Sonata Arctica's 'Shamandalie' [HLIF 100] 'We drifted so far and away' (Sonata Arctica, 'Shamandalie')
[HLIF 100] Lyric from Nightwish's 'Bless the Child' [HLIF 100] 'Take my hand and come with me' (Warren Wiebe, 'Human Touch') [HLIF 100] 'No time for heartache/No time to run and hide' (Sisters of Mercy, 'No Time to Cry') [HLIF 100] I don't DO happy. [HLIF 100] ...So close, yet so far away... [HLIF 100] So unfair...
[HLIF 100] Basic textless Nightwing/Starfire animated - my first-ever animated icon! [HLIF 100] Remember me always...

Various Other Miscellany

Fear the gerbil army! Don't ask where this one came from. I don't know either. rarr. Considered for an icon contest on Titan_Graphics Also considered for an icon contest on Titan_Graphics [HLIF 100] Nothing gold can stay...
[HLIF 100] A lost memory [HLIF 100] Lyric from Sonata Arctica's 'Shamandalie' [HLIF 100] Lyric from Within Temptation's 'Forsaken' [HLIF 100] Lyric from Nightwish's 'Beauty of the Beast' First place in the 'Tarot' theme at Titan_Icontest!



NTT-era Starfire and Nightwing - Text inspired by 'Open Your Heart' from .hack (The inner shipper made me do it.)

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