Title: Day of Destiny
Footage: Power Rangers in Space: "Countdown to Destruction"
Music Immediate Music - "Judgement Day"
Length: 2:38
Type of Video: Drama, Narrative
Bitrate: DivX @ 192 kbps video [352x264]/mp3 @ 224 kbps audio
Completion Date: 5.14.2007
File Size: 29.8 MB

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**Recipient of the "Most Powerful Video" award at Power Morphicon 2007!**

For nearly five years, I had been suffering a severe creative drought when it came to my videos. I couldn't think of ideas I could actually work on, I couldn't think of good music to use, or anything I did start on ended up unfinished for one reason or another. It was starting to seem hopeless. But then I suddenly got the idea for this video...and that drought would finally come to an end. The first time I heard this piece of music, the very first thing to come to mind was "Countdown to Destruction" in near chronological order, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Unlike most of the other videos I've created, I had a pretty clear idea of how I wanted this to go from the get-go, which made the actual editing process a very short (two days!) and painless one, to my surprise. (A faster computer and better editing software since "Sentai no Tamashii" helped too, of course.) I paid careful attention to timing with the music, and got quite slow-motion-happy with a number of scenes as well to help make everything fit. The end result? Something I'm extremely proud of, more so than probably any other video I've done to this point.

At the time I was working on this, I was unsure if Power Morphicon, the first ever PR convention, was going to be holding a music video contest, but I knew that once I finished this, I'd have to enter it. I'd never successfully submitted a music video to a convention before, and since I was going to be there anyway, I wanted the chance to finally see my work on a big screen for hundreds to see. Soon thereafter, the contest was announced, and I made sure to submit it in time.

And boy, did that ever pay off. I got to see my work on a big screen with hundreds of other fans--and a handful of cast and crew members from PR seasons old and new--on hand to see it, and the guests voted my video as the most powerful/dramatic one in the contest. And it was the talk of fans attending the convention for weeks online too.

Not bad for not having finished a video in nearly five years, eh?