Title: Eden UC 0123
Anime: Mobile Suit Gundam F91
Music: Sarah Brightman, "Eden"
Length: 4:09
Type of Video: Drama, Romance, Semi-Action
Bitrate: Approx. 705 kbps
Completion Date: 5.13.2002
File Size: 20.6 MB

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Yes, this does prove that I am indeed capable of making AMV's for anime other than Gundam X, and at the same time, I believe I have made the very first known Gundam F91 video. I've never seen any made for it, and there were none listed at AMVorg prior to this, so that's why I think this might be the first one.

I know I already used this song for my Gundam X "Tiffa's Eden" video from October 2001, but I've never been too pleased with how that turned out (even though I'm still baffled as to why it's liked as much as it is in the Gundam fandom). But then I saw F91 about a month later, and I loved it. Shortly thereafter was when I first began getting the ideas for this particular video. I just didn't want to do it right away because it was still so soon after making the GX video, and because I wanted to watch F91 a few more times before deciding that I actually wanted to do this. And personally, I was quite shocked that no one had yet made a video with this movie in it in one way or another, despite it first being released back in 1991; up until now, this and Turn A Gundam were the only Gundam series/movies that I had never seen in any AMV in one way or another (and I'll definitely be changing that with Turn A one of these days too . . . ^_~).

However, it wasn't until around March or so when I finally started doing some of the pre-production work for this, and I worked on it on and off between then and May whenever I had the inspiration for it. The opening scenes with the "UC 0123" title thingy was added in myself using Pinnacle Studio 7 SE, as it was the only program I had that let me put in captions or titles like that. (A note, however: The scene that reads "This is only the beginning" was not something I added in, nor is it a subtitle; it was actually in the original movie itself, and the footage I worked with was in raw Japanese. I don't mind, as it makes sense given where it's placed.) I wanted to edit the full video in that program, but it kept screwing with the timing on my audio source file, which in turn would throw off the timing for the overall video, so I had to save just the opening part of the titling in it as one file, then import it into the ultra-crappy Windows Movie Maker (which, surprisingly enough, didn't crash a single time I was working on this project) for the rest of it, along with the source footage file. Not originally what I had hoped to do, but hey, what else was I supposed to do being as penniless as I am?

Anyway, the point behind this video is to emphasize the relationship between the two main characters of the movie, Seabook Arno and Cecily Fairchild/Berah Ronah, and how they both seem to be in search of their own personal "Eden" (which they both later realize is each other, despite being torn apart by warring factions). The majority of the video goes more or less chronologically through the movie, starting from the beginning and the attack on the colony the two friends live on, their being torn apart, and ending with the very end of the movie itself. (In other words, yes, there are definitely spoilers here, but it's rather hard to do a 4-minute video for a 2-hour movie and not have some kind of spoilers, you know?) I do skip back and forth in some spots in the middle, but I don't think it detracts too much from the story I'm trying to tell with this video, and a casual viewer who hasn't seen the movie yet will probably not notice it as easily. And like the movie itself, the video will start out a bit slow and kinda "blah," but will pick up in emotion and intensity after a while.

Needless to say, I think this video is far superior to the GX one I did with this song, and I think it's considerably more fitting for Seabook and Cecily here than for Tiffa and Garrod in that one. Editing this was rather difficult not in terms of timing (though I did do a lot of work with that to get it where I wanted too, and I wanted to be sure that I balanced out scenes of the two characters), but in that there were some scenes which I knew I absolutely wanted to use, and others where I had to just ad lib as I went along. But in the end, I think it all flows together nicely and is something I think I will be proud of for a long time to come.