Title: Power Rangers Gee-Ex Version 2.0
Footage: After War Gundam X
Music Power Rangers Zeo Theme (plus audio from Power Rangers Zeo and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)
Length: 2:14
Type of Video: Comedy, Parody, Action
Completion Date: 4.13.2012
File Size: 38.5 MB

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You know, I was never satisfied with the original version of this video that I did in late 2001. I had crappy quality encodes to work from, and I was limited by a very low-end editing program, resulting in a final product that looked stilted and...pretty awful. But a lot of time has passed, allowing me to acquire decent encodes of both GX and PR and allowing me to find a better program to work with as well, and I've been able to go back and do the kind of thing I always wanted to do with this.

Though honestly, I'm surprised this came to me as quickly as it did, especially so soon after finishing "Heart of Ice," something that is the polar opposite of this in terms of mood and theme. But there it was, striking me out of the blue at an utterly random moment, and I had to strike while the iron was still hot, as it were. And I'd also gotten a couple new ideas for it along the way, including my very first attempts at lip-synching.

For those familiar with the original version, some things have remained the same. I've reused a number of the same clips in the opening portion of the video, but changed others for greater humorous impact. And like that one every clip in that portion has been cut exactly the same length as in the actual Zeo opening (indeed, the opening sequence itself was used as the primary video track for reference, some of the clips, and the source audio), with the GX clips as the secondary track on top of it), and also matched as closely as possible in terms of what it shows or what it's poking fun at.

But the lip-synched parts (which were a challenge in and of themselves)? My apologies if I just killed you from laughter. The opportunity was too good to pass up, and I had a lot of fun doing it.