The Rec Room

Well, this area will be for anything that doesn't fit into any of the other sections of the site. This will include anything from essays and ramblings to doujinshi and other fan-type stuff. If there's anything else you'd like to see me include that isn't listed here, go ahead and let me know. (Not like I'm expecting a lot of stuff right now considering how few GX fans there are . . .)

Ramblings, Rants, and Other Thoughts

"Stop! Thief!" (October 2001)
This two-part rant is bona fide proof that if you steal anything off of my site, be it artwork, scans, or whatever, it's going to make me very angry. And if you do the same with other sites, the owners of those aren't going to be too pleased either. Now if I could just get the little thief to actually come out and admit her wrongdoing . . . [Linked from another section of my main site]

Humor and Other Randomness

The Gundam X Drinking Game
First conceived by Ran&Van_Fan and with several additions of my own, this is quite possibly the very first drinking game created for GX. So grab large quantities of your favorite drink, pop in your GX tapes, and have a blast! (Note: A printable copy of this in Word Document format is available upon request. E-mail me if you'd like to have it.)

Jamil's Marriage Prospects
Just a random little tidbit of insanity I came up with in light of something similar a friend did for one of the other GX characters. Read and find out just what it would take to be this captain's real first mate, if you know what I mean . . . ^_~


Very little as of yet, but I'd love it if there's someone else out there who's written some GX fanfics or poetry--doesn't matter who it's about--and would send them over here! They'll be cross-listed in the Library section of my main site to save space, so go take a look at the Library's submission guidelines page to see what I will and won't accept. Each link will also open up into a new browser window so that everything won't get crammed into the frames.

Façade by Khandreia
A short introspective poem I wrote about Jamil from his point of view. It's a bit depressing, I know, but I think it gives you a good idea about what he's probably really like.

At the Shade of the Willow Tree by Ran&Van_Fan (Website: Dreams: A Shrine to Garrod Ran)
A couple years after the last battle, Garrod and Tiffa drop by to visit Witz and Toniya to reflect on the past and talk about the future.

No Good for Me by Ran&Van_Fan
After spending some time with the Freeden crew, Ennil reflects on her feelings for Garrod.

Gundam X: Memories by Enigma Warflame
A sequel to the series that takes place in AW 0020, this fic series chronicles the adventures of a new character named Crash Tricre and how he and the GX characters we already know get swept up into the beginning of a new battle. But of course, it won't be without some sacrifices along the way . . . (Khandreia's note: I'd personally like to say that this is one of the finest GX series I've come across yet and find it to be truly worthy of being a sequel to the show. And a big thanks to Enigma for allowing me to showcase this saga on my site after the Gundam Project message boards, where it had previously been showcased, were shut down; I just didn't want to see this great story disappear and end up forgotten.)

Chapter 1:Nocturnal Massacre
Chapter 2: Dark Arising
Chapter 3: Freeden IV and the Peace Corps
Chapter 4: Shagia's Story
Chapter 5: Trouble Brewing
Chapter 6: New Toys
• Chapter 7: The God of Thunder [Part 1 | Part 2]
Chapter 8: Clue of Things to Come

And now I finally have an opportunity to show off some other people's GX fan art! I'd love to showcase even more works too--again, it doesn't matter who or what it's of, as long as it's suitable for all ages and has something to do with GX. (I'm just showing mine off in the image gallery because this is my site and I can do whatever I want with it. ^_^;) Do note that these drawings may NOT be taken from this site without permission from the artists themselves. They kindly gave me permission to feature their work here, and if I don't like my stuff being stolen, they probably don't either.

Brush-pen sketch of Jamil by `Straya (Website: The Shuffle Alliance Shrine to G Gundam)
Although she hasn't seen more than a few minutes of GX, I still can't believe she did this as gift-art for me! Then again, we both hang out on the boards together and have become good friends, and so she was bound to know about my little obsession sooner or later. But I love this unique, almost old-school style; do take a look at this!

Oekaki sketch of Jamil by `Straya
And she does it again! This time it's in color, and features Jamil looking a bit out of character but still very, very attractive! Now to get `Straya to see more than just a tiny bit of GX . . .


For those who are new to anime, doujinshi are comics made by fans of any given anime, game, manga, or whatever for their fellow fans. They can be serious or downright silly and out-of-character, and have a wide range of styles, from stunningly beautiful to the comical super-deformed style. Featured here are some rare GX doujinshi stories from Volumes 1 and 2 of the "X Generation" anthologies, with all the translations from Japanese to English by me. Because I'm already kinda iffy on posting my scans of them here, I ask that you please don't take any of these for other sites. Even though this site is probably the first of its kind, I want this to remain a feature exclusive to this site alone just because GX doujinshi are so hard to come by. Because of the size of the scans, clicking on the links below will open up a new browser window.

Space War VII: The Legend of Newtype [16 pages]
One of my favorite serious doujinshi stories, this is a story about 15-year-old Jamil trying to come to terms with being a Newtype pilot in the Federation army with the guidance of his instructor Lucille Lilliant. It also provides some interesting insight as to why he still regarded her so highly long after the war. Don't trust all my translations for this though, as some of it was really hard for me to put into decent English.

Only 2 pages long (I put them both on the same page to make things easier), this is a wildly funny take on how a scene in episode 4 could've taken place. Jamil is so incredibly out-of-character in one scene that it's hilarious--you'll know it when you see it, trust me. (At least this one was easy to translate . . .)

The Enigma of Jamil [8 pages]
In this humorous story, Garrod, Witz, and Toniya try to find the answer to the burning question: Just what's the deal with Jamil's sunglasses, and what does he really look like? From the same artist who brought you "Cockpit-Phobia"!

Music Videos

NOTICE: These links all take you to separate download pages, but PLEASE only download ONE video at a time! The server's been very erratic lately, so even if you're on a high-speed connection, the download rate may still be a bit sluggish. I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do about that.

"Captain Jamil" (Sarah Brightman, "Captain Nemo")
This was my very first video that I of course made all about Jamil, and I'm still extremely proud of it for obvious reasons. It's also the first GX video to be made about a specific character too, so it does have some sort of significance in the fandom. But if you've seen this before from the download that used to be here, take a look at it again, because I've improved the picture and audio quality from before.

"Tiffa's Eden" (Sarah Brightman, "Eden")
Though not one of my better videos, this is still supposed to be a sweet, often ethereal look at Tiffa's character and her relationship with Garrod all throughout the series. It may never win any awards, but this couple could still easily win your heart.

"Vultures' Dance" (Loreena McKennitt, "The Mummers' Dance")
Nobody probably ever expected to see a GX video to this song, but I did it anyway because it's my most favorite song, and you'd be surprised at how well it actually worked. Despite the many headaches that editing this caused me, I'm still very proud of the final result. This is also technically the first video of mine under the "Vulture Studios" name (the origin of which should be plainly obvious).

"Power Rangers Gee-Ex" (Power Rangers Zeo opening theme)
A true exercise in insanity! This is a total parody of the PR Zeo opening credits but using GX clips instead. Be sure to listen to the lyrics during the part in which Jamil is "introduced", and then take note of the very ending of this short video. You'll certainly be wondering what in the world I was on when I made this! :P

"Vultures' Dance Redux"
My most popular video yet . . . redone! I have now been able to make this into the video I really wanted, complete with raw, higher-quality footage and brand new clips added in as well. Even if you've seen the original version, don't miss out on this one, because there's a lot more to see this time around!

"Ice Blue" (Madonna, "Frozen")
My second video that's about Jamil, but this time I chose to show a bit of a darker side to his character, as this video was inspired by something that happened to me in real life and I also felt was a song that not only fit that real-life event, but also fit Jamil's persona as well. In short, this was one of the most difficult videos I've made yet both technically and emotionally. Much more information about my reasonings behind all of this can be found on the download page.

Desktop Wallpapers

Yes, be afraid, for I actually spent time making these! Though I originally had made them for my own personal use, I thought that maybe someone might want these to use themselves. You can have them for your desktops if you want them, but do NOT put them on any other site without asking first and without giving me credit for making them. (Oh yeah, and the actual wallpapers are cross-listed from that particular section of my main site to save space.)

'Return to Innocence'__'Deliver Me'

'Prism of Life'__'Façade'

'Soul-Searching'__GX Divider MS Guy

Winamp Skins
(To download the skin, simply click on the screencap of it, open up WinZip, save all the files in the zipped file to a folder in the directory for your Winamp Skins, and there you go!)


My first Winamp skin of Jamil (my third one altogether, and quite possibly the very first one of him ever created as well! Naturally, the picture used is one of my own drawings, and would be a good compliment to the wallpaper I made with the same picture. I originally made this for myself and to share with a few friends, but I think it would make a nice addition to the site as well. FYI, if you don't already have the Century Gothic font, you can download it right here. (Without it, the text in the playlist won't show up correctly.)