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*A Rhyme and Reason: The Purple Ranger Saga*

Purple Phoenix Ranger (2002 redesign) [Alternate CG Version]
With my now working on a revised 2002-2003 edition of the finished installments of the AR&R series (with the hope of continuing to work on the unfinished parts as well), I felt it was time to overhaul my original Ranger's costume design hopefully one final time. The other costumes I've designed for this will also be redesigned too, not to mention finally designing the rest of the Ranger costumes as first described in "Spirits of the Past" to match this concept. As you can see, this is a significant change from the 1999 version, being much more influenced by various sentai concepts (Gaoranger, Hurricanger, and some Jetman were major factors in this), and trying to go with something that didn't seem so blatantly "sixth/seventh Ranger" either like the previous version. About the only aspect that hasn't changed (aside from the costume being purple, of course) is the sash around the waist with the power crystal at the hip. For the hand-colored version . . . my scanner was dying, so the colors on that are a bit off, especially in the black and gold areas, which have a bit of a greenish tint to them. There's nothing I can really do about that. The CG version is much truer to the intended color scheme, although the JPEG conversion made the regular purple color a bit brighter than I'd originally started with (not to mention that it really screwed with the lineart there too . . . I almost feel like this drawing has been cursed or something -_-;;).
[8/9-9/4/2002 (CG completed 12/27/2002), 11"x14"/137 KB (CG version 95.5 KB), pen outline w/ colored pencils/CG]

"A Rhyme and Reason I: The Purple Phoenix Ranger" [1999 version]
The title explains it all--it's a picture of what my new Ranger from my fic series was supposed to look like before I redesigned the costume. You can probably see some of the influences from the various sixth Rangers and some Dairanger costumes, I'm sure.
[1-4/99, 9"x12"/26.6 KB, colored pencils]

"The First Confrontation"
It's even more outdated than the '99 version because it features an earlier concept of what I wanted the Purple Ranger to look like as I was first writing the fics, but it still shows off that particular scene from "Best Kept Secrets" quite well. I really have to re-scan this one because I don't like the retouching I did with this anymore.
[4/98, 5"x8.5"/36.8 KB, pen outline and shading w/ colored pencils]

"A Rhyme and Reason II: A Haunting Reflection" (unfinished version here)
From one of my favorite scenes out of "White Knight"--when Adam sees that freaky reflection of himself as the White Ranger. It can be hard to look at because of the unusual appearance, but there's just something about it has this strange impact on me. And I'm keeping the unfinished version around because I keep seeing some kind of symbolic quality in it.
[11/98-4/99, 9"x12"/351 KB (44.4 KB unfinished), pencil shading w/ colored pencils]

"A Rhyme and Reason III: Black Dragon Rising"
The 1999 version of how the Black Dragon Ranger would look. You can really see some nice detailing of the sword too. I really don't know what else to say about this.
[8/9-12/99, 9"x12"/345 KB, colored pencils]

"A Rhyme and Reason IV: The Dragon-Hearted One" (unaltered close-up here)
Gosh, I love this one. It's another Black Dragon Ranger (1999 version, of course) picture, but now showing Adam without the helmet on and looking battle-worn yet oh-so-fine. It was a pain to scan it little by little because of its size, but it turned out quite nice after I put it onto that desert background.
[1-2/2000, 16"x20"/110 KB (136 KB), colored pencils]

"A Rhyme and Reason V: White Rage"
Although I haven't done any work on the AR&R fics in ages, I felt compelled to do this anyway. It's an anime-styled illustration of a scene in one of the middle battles of "White Knight", so if you've read it, this makes sense. All I can say is that I like how this looks a lot more than the one picture I did in '98-'99; this one seems easier for me to look at because it's in the anime style and seems to make more sense being in that style than the realistic style. Of course, I did that one back when I really wasn't much into anime yet, so I never would've thought of that as an option. Strange how much of the concepts in the series altogether seem so anime-like to begin with . . .
[12/19-27/2001, 11"x14"/164 KB, pen outline w/ colored pencils]

Andréa as the Purple Ranger
This is just a portion of another one of my drawings in the Ronin section cropped to only show Andréa instead. And yes, you can sorta call that a semi-self portrait . . .
[3-4/2000, 55.8 KB, colored pencils]

The Teal Pegasus Ranger [original version]
If you can figure out who this character is, I'm now scared of you. Anyway, this Ranger won't be showing up until later on, but the character has already shown up in some parts of the series. But I like the image I did of him in the upper corner.
[3/17-19/2000, 9"x12"/96 KB, pencil (character image) and colored pencils (Ranger image)]

"Spirits of the Past I: Prince Adrian in Formal Attire"
I really need to re-scan this one because it's so blurry. But I'm sure you can still tell that this is supposed to be Adam's counterpart in "Spirits of the Past."
[3/99, 5"x8.5"/12.9 KB, colored pencils]

"Spirits of the Past II: Children of the Light"
The title comes from something in "Dawning of the Prophecy," but this pictures nicely depicts a quiet and touching scene between Aurora and Adrian in "Spirits." I like this one a lot.
[7/23-25/99, 9"x12"/334 KB, colored pencils]

"Spirits of the Past III: The Promise of Forever"
At first look, I'm sure you'll ask, "What in the world is an anime drawing doing in the PR section?" That's easy. Those are just anime-style renditions of Adrian and Aurora, since parts of the series are kinda anime-like. Anyway, this took an insanely long time for me to finish, mostly because of its original 16"x20" size on paper, followed by having to redo all the lines after scanning and then the coloring and putting together the background and other effects. The pose was inspired by a drawing a friend of mine did, and the character designs for Adrian and Aurora were partially inspired by Allen of Escaflowne and Relena of Gundam Wing respectively. The background is actually a picture (altered to make it look like nighttime though) of Carcassonne, a very beautiful walled city in southwest France that was my inspiration for Aurora's kingdom (and that I also visited in '97), from an old calendar. As for which scene this could depict . . . I guess it could be the part when the two first state their love for each other, kinda like the one above. (Oh yeah, and this is for my friend Jacky/Divia/Rangergirl: You said you wanted me to do an anime-style picture of Adam, but this is about as close as you're gonna get on that for now. ^_^)
[8/18-10/17/2000, 55 KB, CG]

"Black Dragon Ranger's Challenge"
An earlier concept of how the Black Dragon Ranger was supposed to look, but I like it too much to not have it up here. It's supposed to show the one scene in "Spirits" where Adam had just morphed during that one-on-one battle with Master Vile.
[10/98, 5"x8.5"/33.5 KB, pen outline w/ colored pencils]


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