If you're on this page, then I guess this means you're not quite sure what's what around here. Never fear, for the miko is here to help you find your way around the shrine!

• Main: This is the page you saw in this particular frame when you entered the shrine.
• Briefing Room: For all you newbies, this is a short introduction to the Gundam X series, as well as a little bit about how I became the crazy miko in charge of this place.
• Captain's Quarters: Just about everything you ever wanted to know about Jamil, but were afraid to ask.
• The Bridge (not up yet): Just about everything you ever wanted to know about the rest of the GX characters, but were afraid to ask.
• Docking Bay (not up yet): Every last Gundam, mobile suit, mobile armor, and ship seen in GX.
• Faηades: The insanely huge image gallery, featuring dozens of screen captures, some artbook scans, my personal GX cel collection, and my own GX fan art.
• Rec Room: Looking for some fun stuff? Here you'll find my own personal rants and essays, some humorous features, various fanworks, GX doujinshi scans, and various other multimedia.
• Ship's Log: Missed an update? Find out what was added since the last time you visited here, plus some extra little tidbits about the shrine in general.
• The Miko's Closet: Just who is the nutball responsible for this shrine anyway?
• Hasshin!: The Japanese word for "Launch!", this is where you'll find links to other notable sites for GX and Gundam in general.
• Lost?: *plants a big sign that says "YOU ARE HERE"*

Hope this helps you guys out a little bit. Anyway, thanks for coming, and enjoy the site! ^_^