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*Although some of these drawings are still marked with with my old site address, as I lost the full-size unmarked versions of many of these files, they are still mine since they all bear either my hand signature or screen name and copyright year on them, and as such must NOT leave this site without my permission.

Regular Fan Art

Probably my most well-known GX fan art right now...

"Garrod Ran: Little Boy Lost"

[11/5-10/2000, 113 KB, mixed media]

*Second place winner, Gundam Shop's Monthly Fan Art Contest, November 2000 (and also featured on their main page as of mid-January 2001)

I probably could've left out the weird background...


"Little Boy Lost" (Separate image of Garrod)

[11/2000, 11"x14" (original)/117 KB, pen outline w/ colored pencils]

Can you believe I CG-ed this using a touchpad mouse?


"Little Boy Lost" (Separate image of Double X)

[11/2000, 11"x14" (original outline)/78 KB, pen outline w/ CG in Photo-Paint 8]

*waving her 'Garrod and Tiffa Forever!' banner*


"The Princess and the Pauper"

[11/23-25/2000, 11"x14"/160 KB, pen outline w/ colored pencils]

It is because of this painting that I am now Jamil no Miko...


"Battle Scars"

[12/1-5/2000, 11"x15"/130 KB, watercolors]

Can you tell just how much I really liked that cel of mine?


"To Never Look Back Again"

[12/22/2000, 11"x14"/116 KB, pencil]

So accurate you'd think it was an official picture!


"Youthful Splendor" (Version 1)

[1/4-6/2001, 98 KB, pen outline w/ CG in Photo-Paint 8]

It's hard to say if I like this version better than the other or not...


"Youthful Splendor" (Version 2)

[1/4-10/2001, 16"x20"/109 KB, pen outline w/ colored pencils]

Proof that I *can* draw the other GX characters!


"Brotherly Hatred"

[2/27-3/12/2001, 16"x20"/100 KB, pencil]

Oh, the hoops I had to put myself through to finish this...


"Fašade I: Silent Warrior"

[3/12-17/2001, 16"x20"/169 KB, pencil]

Well, it looked better when I first did it...


"Fašade I" (side profile image by itself)

[3/2001, 91 KB, pencil]

Dear Gods, I adore this picture... *_*


"Fašade II: Beyond the Invisible"

[3/29-4/10/2001, 16"x20"/127 KB, colored pencils]

You can probably tell that this was doujinshi-inspired...


"Fašade III: Prism of Life"

[4/13-21/2001, 149 KB, pencil w/ CG altering]

So bishounen!


"Fašade III" (Separate image of 15-year-old Jamil)

[4/13-19/2001, cropped from 11"x14"/96 KB, pencil w/ sepia-tone altering]

This is the reason why I love doing pencil drawings...


"Fašade III" (Separate image of present-day Jamil)

[4/15-21/2001, 11"x14"/116 KB, pencil w/ sepia-tone altering]

Boy, did I ever procrastinate on this one...


Untitled doujinshi-styled portrait of Jamil

[5/2001, 9"x12"/191 KB, pen w/ colored pencils]

It's not too often that you see a drawing featuring both Jamil and Lucille...


"Fašade IV: Gravity of Love"

[6/23-7/31/2001, 16"x20"/112 KB, colored pencils w/ pen outline]

Such handsome eyes... *sigh*



[8/2-6/2001, 16"x20"/86 KB, pencil]

This one is just so depressing that I can't think of anything else to say here...


"Shattered Innocence"

[9/12-19/2001, 8 1/2"x11"/127 KB, pen]

Now you *know* I'm obsessed when I start drawing pics like this... *_*

"X Appeal" (or "Give Me My Coat Back, Dammit . . .")

(Don't ask about the title . . . just don't ask . . .)

[9/22-10/5/2001, 16"x20"/154 KB, pencil]

My first colored drawing in months!


"Moonlight Vision"

[10/17-30/2001, 11"x14"/137 KB, pen outline w/ colored pencils]

Yes, this -is- who you think it is...


"Dust in the Wind"

[11/8-21/2001, 11"x14" original/133 KB, pen w/ colored pencils & CG altering]

Truly an exercise in insanity! :P


Fusion: Gundam X Divider MS Guy

[10/30-12/16/2001, 11"x14" original/153 KB, pen & CG]
One of my most personal drawings yet...

"The Impossible Dream"

Blatant self-insertion drawing

[1/17-2/1/2002, 11"x14"/160 KB, pen w/ colored pencils]

When boredom attacks!


"Pfff . . ."

[3/24-27/2002, 9"x12"/135 KB, pen w/ colored pencils]



"Fašade V: Mea Culpa" ("Blood on My Hands")

[4/19-5/1/2002, 11"x14"/140 KB, felt-tip pen]

Don't ask. Just don't ask.

"Grey Raven and Black Angel"

Custom-colored Bertigo MS Guy and Gundam X MS Girl

[1/18-2/3/2003, 14"x17"/173 KB, pen w/ colored pencils]

Fanfic Artwork & Illustrations

Well, that certainly ain't Garrod and Tiffa... ^_~

"Human Touch II: If You Believe . . ."

For "Gundam X: Black Angel"

[5/18-22/2001, 9"x11"/123 KB, pen w/ colored pencils]

Bleh...BAD scan... -_-;

"Human Touch III: The Secret Between Us"

For "Gundam X: Black Angel"

[11/16-12/31/2001, 16"x20"/118 KB, pencil]

Post-apocalyptic long-haired bishounen madness! :D

"Rebel AW 0005"

Illustration for "Gundam X: Black Angel"

[2/1-14/2002, 16"x20"/118 KB, pencil w/ sepia-tone altering]

The Gundam X Furry Project (Don't ask. Really.)
(Comments still forthcoming . . .)

Isn't this perfect for him?


Garrod as a wolf

[4/2002, 47 KB, pen]

This one was really hard to get right...


Tiffa as a mouse

[4/2002, 44 KB, pen]

And this one was extremely easy!


Paula as a mutt-type dog

[4/2002, 38.9 KB, pen]

Poor Garrod...


Paula teasing Garrod

[4/2002, 29.5 KB, pen]

My absolute favorite, naturally! ^_~


Jamil as a lion

[4/2002, 97.2 KB, pen]


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